Contoh Cerita Fabel Dalam Bahasa Iggris Tentang Kancil dan Buaya

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Contoh cerita fabel dalam bahasa iggris memang perlu kita pelajari karena dapat menjadi salah satu sumber bacaan yang baik untuk menambah pengetahuan mengenai jenis-jenis teks yang ada di dalam bahasa inggris. Fabel sendiri merupakan sebuah cerita atau dongeng yang menceritakan sebuah kisah atau pengalaman yang di alami oleh tokoh-tokoh yang semuanya adalah binatang. Nah, khusus untuk kali ini saya akan sajikan sebuah cerita fable dalam bahasa inggris yang menceritakan sebuah kisah yang sudah sangat terkenal mengenai Kancil dan Buaya. Simak saja langsung ceritanya berikut ini.

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Contoh Cerita Fabel Dalam Bahasa Iggris Tentang Kancil dan Buaya

Kancil (Mouse Deer) and Crocodile

In the old days kancil is the most intelligent animals in the wild. Many of the animals in the forest came to him to ask for help when they have problems. Although it became a focal point of animals in the wild, but it did not show the arrogant attitude and even willing to help at any time.

One day, kancil  walked in the woods to find food. The weather on the day was very hot and it caused him to feel thirsty. Then, he tried to find the nearest river. Kancil finally found a river. Without wasting time, kancil drink the water o7 it.

After drink, Kancil continued to find a food. After running for an hour, he felt tired and decided to rest for a while under a very shady banyan tree . Kancil says to himself, ” I must be patient if i want to get a good and delicious  food , ” then, he looked around to see if there was something to eat. Fortunately he saw a cucumber tree in the other side of the river. But he had a problem to cross the river, because there were no bridge and the river was too deep for him to cross.

Kancil were constantly  thinking how to look for a way to cross the very deep river. Suddenly, Kancil looked a crocodile  who was busy basking on the riverbanks . Then, he came to the crocodile and said , “O my friend crocodile, what are you doin ‘ today? “

The Crocodile, who was busy enjoying the sunshine answered the question from kancil.

” Oh,  my friend kancil, what made ​​you come here ? “

“I bring good news for you, ” said kancil . Listen to the words from Kancil, the Crocodile look forward to hear the news brought by him , and said,
“Tell me what you want to convey? “ [sc:kodeadsense]

Kancil said ,

” I was ordered by King Solomon in order to calculate the number of crocodiles found in this river because King Solomon wanted to give a gift to you all. “

Hearing the name of King Solomon was scaring all the animals because of the greatness of Solomon was given by God to rule all beings on this earth.

“Well, you wait here, i’ll go down to the river to call all my friends, ” said the Crocodile .

Meanwhile, Kancil already dreaming of enjoying the fruits . Soon, all the crocodile in the river gathered on the banks of the river. Kancil said ,

“O dear crocodile , I was ordered by the Prophet Solomon to calculate the amount of you all because he want to give a special gift today. ” Said kancil ,

” you all have to line up across the river from one side of the cliff to reach next there. “

Since the order came from him, all the crocodile immediately lined up without protest. Crocodile said ,

“Now count , we’re ready. ” Reindeer took a piece of wood that was there and jump on the first crocodile  and it began to count by saying:

” One two three indentations, male female I knock, ” he said.

When he reached the riverbank, Kancil jumped and said ,

“O dear crocodiles, do not you know that I have deceived you all, and no prizes will be given by Solomon”

Listen to the words from kancil, all crocodile were angry and embarrassed because they had been duped by him. They swore would not let kancil go if  they meet again  in the future.

Itulah salah satu contoh cerita fabel dalam bahasa iggris mengenai seekor kancil yang cerdas, semoga kita bisa mengambil nilai moral yang ada di dalamnya.

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