Contoh Biografi Diri Sendiri dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Contoh Biografi Diri Sendiri dalam Bahasa Inggris – Cerita mengenai diri sendiri merupakan salah satu cerita yang cukup menarik untuk diangkat dan dikisahkan secara runtut dalam bentuk biografi seperti berikut ini.

Table of Contents

A Dream Catcher

My name is Gallendra Sebastian. I am 27 years old. I am from Indonesia, a country with thousands of beauty. I work as a professional chef of Asian dish at a famous hotel in Jakarta. Besides, I also love to write new recipes and collect it up into a book. My dreams come true. It was reached through a tough commitment and persistent attitude. I never left what I have started. That’s the key of my success.

I was born in a big family in which I have seven siblings, consists of 4 brothers and 3 sisters. I am the oldest of them. My father and mother are farmers. They work very hard too send me to vocational school where I learn about cooking. After I graduated from vocational school, I was offered a scholarship from my headmaster to continue my study to tourism school concerning on cooking. He told me that the governor where I lived was looking for the best students to accept scholarship. I was the lucky one to get that scholarship. I studied hard and pursued my dreams.


It felt like wind touching my face softly on my first day at tourism school. I felt so fresh and happy to step on a new phase in my life. Then, I went home with light steps. When I came home, the mood was changed and suddenly everything seemed dark. I saw my mother passed out on the floor. I was shocked. There was nobody at home. I called my neighbours to ask for help. Then, they immediately called ambulance. My mother was brought to the nearest hospital in my town. After passing through many test, the doctor said that my mother had cancer on her brain. It was like a big temple hit the whole parts of my body. It felt like the world was end. I still have seven siblings who need to continue their study at school and my mother was very sick. I felt down for a week. But, I thought I was worng that I let myself be down. It could not help anything to be better.

My father and I worked harder since that day. We supported each other to pass that condition. To cure my mother, we need to do operation and many times of chemotheraphy. It costed very much therefore we borrowed much money from a bank. That condition made me work at night and went to campus in the morning. However, I was optimist that it shall pass too.

God listens my pray. I got an opportunity to work as a chef assistant before I graduated from the tourism school. I did not expect that I would accept a huge number of money. Then, I understood that it was a great hotel in which I was also trained to be the professional one. From this job, I could pay my loan to the bank every month. Another dream came true when the manager hotel read my writing on my blog about several new recipes and he offered me to publish it. The book contains various Indonesian traditional dish and other Asian foods. The book became best seller. I used the money from the book’s royalty for my siblings. Since that day, my father stops working because we hire the other people to take care the field. He only checks his field. My mother is getting better day by day. Now, I am the senior chef at a famous hotel. I also attend some TV program as the geust star to demonstrate my skill at cooking. I productively write a new book about cooking. Now, I also open my own restaurant. My siblings can go to school without worriness since I could afford their life. I am amazed by God’s plan. I think that my life is so beautiful.

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