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Contoh Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Komputer – Komputer selalu menjadi bagian yang sangat penting di dalam kehidupan umat manusia dewasa ini. Ada banyak orang menggunakan komputer, pekerja, mahasiswa, ibu rumah tangga, bahkan hingga anak-anak yang selalu memakai komputer untuk bermain game.

Selain menggunakan komputer, tentu saja kita juga harus melindungi komputer dari berbagai macam jenis virus, dan artikel ini memberikan Anda pemahaman mengenai hal tersebut. Semoga bermanfaat.

5 Tips to Secure Your Computer from Viruses

Protecting your computer from viruses, it is mandatory task. Sure you do not want that the data in your computer suddenly lost due to computer virus attacks, right? Therefore, I give various tips on securing your computer from viruses below and hopefully, it will be giving a benefit to you to close all the gaps of the potential harmful viruses.

1.  Install A Qualified Antivirus

Many users believe in the free antivirus protection. Indeed, the service providers said that there is protection spyware, adware, Trojans, and so on. However, essentially those free antivirus programs do not provide an adequate protection list. Instead, the threat continues to increase over time.

Therefore, all Windows users should install premium antivirus software on their PC’s. Although we have to make a payment or to bother our selves in looking for the license, but the features offered by this premium antivirus stand on a really good quality.

2. Perform Daily Scan

Viruses in your computer could escape the attention of antivirus software. To get a thorough protection, of course it is highly recommended to scan your computer every day in order to detect, isolate, and remove the viruses infection that might appear. [sc:kodeadsense]

3. Disable The AutoRun

Many viruses are present on the installation of the application so that the virus spread to our computer automatically. Basically, this can be prevented by disabling the autorun feature so that users will follow the installation guide in conducting any windows application. This makes the computer more protected from potential harmful viruses.

4. Never Click Link On the Internet Easily

Not infrequently, we are tempted to link attached by internet users. In fact, many of those links have the potential threat to spread the virus to a computer and erase all your important data. Usually they offer links to click, or even link for promoting the pornography that makes other Internet users tend to click.

You must be smart in choosing which links are good and bad. If it looks suspicious, then immediately avoid.

5. Always Perform Antivirus Updates

If you try an antivirus, then do not refuse to perform the update. Update antivirus protection has certainly much better and has been programmed to protect your computer from threats of new viruses.

Armed with 5 tips to secure the computer from viruses, your computer may actually protected from all forms of the virus. Good luck.

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