Contoh Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kesehatan, Pendidikan, Lingkungan Dan Ekonomi

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Referensi  mengenai contoh artikel bahasa inggris terkadang dibutuhkan sebagai salah satu materi tambahan dalam belajar bahasa inggris. Dengan melihat sebuah contoh artikel ataupun tulisan, ada banyak hal yang dapat dipelajari oleh siswa. Dengan membaca artikel bahasa inggris dengan tema tertentu, siswa dapat memperoleh kosa kata baru, selain itu mereka juga akan mendapatkan informasi dari apa yang disampaikan di dalam artikel tersebut. Sebuah contoh artikel juga dapat dijadikan acuan tentang bagaimana cara menulis artikel berbahasa inggris yang baik dan benar. Dalam posting di bawah ini, menyajikan beberapa Contoh Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kesehatan, Pendidikan, Lingkungan Dan Ekonomi yang tentunya dapat dijadikan sumber belajar bahasa inggris yang baik, khususnya dalam meningkatkan skill reading dan writing.

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Contoh Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kesehatan, Pendidikan, Lingkungan Dan Ekonomi

Contoh Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kesehatan

The influenza virus is a single molecule composed of millions of individual atoms. Although bacteria can be considered a type of plant, secreting poisonous substances into the body of the organism they attack, viruses, like the influenza virus, are living organisms themselves. We may consider them regular chemical molecules since they have strictly defined atomic structure; but on the other hand, we must also consider them as being alive since they are able to multiply in unlimited quantities.

An attack brought on by presence of influenza virus in the body produces a temporary immunity, but, unfortunately, the protection is against only type of virus that caused the influenza. Because the disease can be produced by anyone of three types, referred to a, b, or c, and many strains within each type, immunity to one will not prevent infection by another type or strain.

Contoh Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Pendidikan

Candidates for the bachelor of business administration degree must complete 186 quarter hours of course work with a minimum of 3n2 quality points; that is, the equivalent of an average grade of C (2.0 on 4.0 scales). Candidates must also maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better in all required professional business courses, and must earn minimum grade of C or better in each course in their area of specialization. For example, students majoring in accounting must earn average of C for all courses including not only accounting courses but also history, English, math, and so on. They must earn C or better in each accounting course. Accounting classes in which students have received a D, F, or incomplete must be repeated. [sc:kodeadsense]

Contoh Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Lingkungan

Health officials who made checks at cemeteries discovered that the cemeteries had become one of the main causes for the spread of dengue fever in urban. They ere shocked to find a lot of eades mosquitoes breeding in cemeteries. The eades mosquito spreads Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, DHV, to man.

The officials found a lot of pots, bottles, and vases holding flowers at the graves left there by people visiting the graves of their relatives. These containers had eventually rain and they soon became breeding grounds for these mosquitoes. Those living near cemeteries also become victims of dengue fever. Sadly it was the death f a caretaker of a cemetery that promoted the officials to investigate the surroundings near his house. This had led to the discovery of cemeteries as a breeding ground for eades mosquitoes.

Since the discovery, the Health Department has appealed to the caretakers and the different associations in charge of graveyards to clear all containers left at graves as quickly as possible. The number of dengue cases notified as highest among the Chinese, followed by Malays, Indians, and others. All these cases had been mainly from the city areas. The Health Department is continually strengthening dengue prevention and control by holding talk shows, fogging housing estates and conducting checks at homes.

Contoh Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Ekonomi

The Japanese economic achievements are basically due to the technological transformation during the last thirty years. The Japanese are by nature admirers of excellent craftsmanship and are able to master new techniques and processes without any difficulty. They have perfected the art of acquiring foreign technology at the appropriate stage and exploiting it commercially to their benefit. If the production index in the manufacturing industries is assumed to be 100 in 1951, it rose to 45 in 1969.  This was a most remarkable achievement. It is estimated that 50 percent of this enormous growth was due to technological innovation.

Itulah Contoh Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kesehatan, Pendidikan, Lingkungan Dan Ekonomi yang dapat saya bagikan kepada anda sebagai tambahan maeri pembelajaran bahasa inggris, semoga dapat digunakan dan dimanfaatkan dengan baik.

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