Cerita Malin Kundang dalam Bahasa Inggris Singkat

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Cerita Malin Kundang dalam Bahasa Inggris Singkat – Malin Kundang merupakan salah satu legenda yang terus menerus diceritakan hingga saat ini. Di dalam bahasa Inggris, banyak juga permintaan yang menginginkan cerita tersebut diceritakan kembali. Berikut ini, merupakan salah satu cerita malin kundang yang melegenda tersebut, sudah dialihbahasakan ke dalam bahasa Inggris dan siap untuk dibaca.

Cerita Malin Kundang dalam Bahasa Inggris Singkat

Long time ago, on the north coast of west Sumatra, lived a poor family, they were a mother and her son named Malin Kundang. He had been left by his father because his father had passed away. So his mother had to work hard to support the family.

Malin Kundang was a smart kid but a little bit naughty. When he grew older, he felt sorry to see his mother worked hard for his family. Because of that condition, Malin Kundang wanted to go abroad for sake of this family. He wanted to be successful in the overseas like most other people. Malin said his intention to his mother. “Mom, may I go and become a sailor? I really want to work there to change our life.” Asked Malin kundang. “No! Don’t leave me alone dear. You are the only one that I have in this world! “His mother refused.” Mom, I couldn’t see you like this, working all day. Let your son go and work for you.  If I have been success, I’ll get back here to see you” Because Malin kundang insisted her to let him go, his mother allowed. “Well, if that’s what you want. Go reach your dreams! But don’t forget your mother if you become successful there”

The next day after getting permission from his mother, Malin kundang went aboard got on a ship. After several years of working so hard, Malin kundang became successful. He was a rich man who had several merchant ships. Malin had also been married to a beautiful and reach girl there. Information about the success of Malin kundang had spread everywhere. His mother also heard that news and excited. Every day Malin Kundang’s mother waited on the beach to wait that son who had become successful return. Day after day she waited in the seashore but Malin never returned. She kept on waiting until got sick. She could no longer wait for her son at the seaside.


One day, a large ship docked in the harbour. That was Malin Kundang came to trade at that port. Because Malin Kundang had been known for its luxury, many people recognized him. They called and yelled his name. Seeing all the happenings, his wife asked “do you know who they are?”. Malin Kundang embarrassed to say that this was his hometown. “No I do not even know who they are!” Said Malin Kundang. His mother knew that Malin kundang came to village. She forced herself to go to port in order to meet her lovely son.

After arriving at the port, Malin Kundang’s mother saw him and cried soon after that. She ran to the place where Malin Kundang was at. “Malinnnn …. Finally, My son, you go home! You are a successful sailor now. I am glad to see you, son”. Malin Kundang saw his mother running at him but he was embarrassed. He didn’t want his wife know that old women is his mother.  Malin Kundang pretended not to see her. He continued walking with his wife, while his mother kept pursuing and calling her name. finally his mother managed to approach him. “Malinnn, it is your mother!” His mother said softly. His wife was surprised to see an old woman approached her husband. “My beloved husband, Malin Kundang, who this old woman is. Is she really your mother?” Malin ashamed to tell his wife that he came from a poor family moreover, his mother was an old and dirty woman. “No! I have no idea who this old lady is. Guards! Get rid of this old lady from me! “Malin Kundang asked his guards to take away his mother. His mother was very sad and cried. She kept calling his name but Malin still ignored her. Malin Kundang left his mother lonely. Then he and his wife got into the ship and continued the journey.

People around the port felt sorry to see Malin’s mother. They came to cheer her up. His mother cried while the ship went away. She was disappointed and got angry with what had been done by Malin. She prayed to god and cursed her son. “God, if he is my son, Malin Kundang, I beg You to turn him into a stone” After praying to the god, suddenly there came a great storm. People ran to save themselves. Malin’s ship was swayed by storm. The longer the it was getting bigger and sunk the ship. Malin’ ships were destroyed along with its contents and Malin kundang was stranded on the beach and turned into a stone.