Cerita Dongeng Binatang Dalam Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kerbau

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Cerita Dongeng Binatang Dalam Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kerbau – Berikut ini, terdapat contoh cerita bahasa Inggris tentang kerbau, baca yuk. 🙂

Buffalo, Crocodile, and the Mouse Deer

Once upon a time, a mouse deer was walking in the forest. He was thirsty so he went to the river to drink. When he was drinking, suddenly, he heard a sound. Then, the  mouse deer searched the source of the sound.

The sound was actually from the buffalo who felt pain. The mouse deer saw the legs of the buffalo were bitten by a crocodile. The mouse deer came closer to figure out what the problem was between them.

“Good morning, Mr. Buffalo. Good morning, Mr. Crocodile. Are you playing together now? May I join?” the mouse deer pretended to be dull.

“Good morning, mouse deer.” The crocodile answered.

“Good morning, mouse deer. We are not playing. The crocodile wants to eat me whereas I have helped him. Oh how poor I am.” The buffalo answered limply.

“Wait, wait. I don’t understand. Can you tell me what happen actually? So that I can solve your problem.” The mouse deer said.

Then, the buffalo told him.

At that time, the buffalo went to river to drink. He saw the crocodile was in pain. The crocodile was stricken by a fallen tree until he couldn’t let himself go. Because he felt pity of the crocodile, he helped him. He pushed the tree with his strong horns. But, when the buffalo had been successful in helping him, the crocodile immediately bit his legs and wanted to eat the buffalo.

The mouse deer only nodded his head listening to the buffalo’s story. He thought the way to help the buffalo.

“Yes, that was the story. But, I can’t be blame. I had been stricken for three days. I am so hungry. He said he wanted to help me. I thought he should fully help me. Because I’m hungry, he has to help me so I will not die. So that I want to eat him.” The crocodile tried to defend himself.
“That’s right Mr. Crocodile. So you are not wrong to eat Mr. Buffalo. He should help you fully.” The mouse deer said.

The buffalo heard it limply whereas he hoped the mouse deer defend him, not the crocodile. Meanwhile the crocodile was so happy because he felt that the mouse deer defend him.

“But, I am still not sure if that’s only by a story. To make sure it that Mr. Crocodile is right, so we have to redo the actions.” The mouse deer said.

“What do you mean mouse deer?” the crocodile asked.
“Mr. Crocodile. We must repeat all of what happened when Mr. Bufallo helped you. All are repeated from the beginning when you were stricken by a tree and Mr. Buffalo came to help you.” The mouse deer explained.

”You mean that I must turn my bite loose and I get stricken by a tree again? Ohhh… I don’t want. I am afraid that the buffalo will run away.” The crocodile refused.

“Don’t worry Mr. Crocodile. I will guard him because I am on your side. Moreover, with injured legs, how can he run?” the mouse deer ensure.

“Oh… Okay. I agree. But, you must guard him very well.” The crocodile agreed.

“Count on me. I can run faster than Mr. Buffalo does. How about you Mr. Buffalo? Do you agree?” The mouse deer asked.

Mr. Buffalo only nodded weakly. He could be patient and prayed to be given fairness.

They started redoing what happened. The crocodile was stricken by a tree again and the buffalo pushed the tree into the crocodile’s body like the beginning. After they were sure that the crocodile couldn’t move, the mouse deer asked the buffalo run away together. Then, the crocodile realized that they had tricked him. He realized that he was wrong. He shouted his apology and asked help to the buffalo but it’s too late. The crocodile regretted his doings. But, regret was not helpful anymore.

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