Cerita Danau Toba Dalam Bahasa Inggris Singkat

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Cerita Danau Toba Dalam Bahasa Inggris Singkat – Berikut ini, terdapat sebuah cerita danau toba yang menggunakan bahasa Inggris. Cerita danau toba, adalah sebuah cerita yang secara turun temurun diceritakan. Nah, saat ini, terdapat pula sebuah cerita mengenai danau toba yang ditransformasikan menggunakan bahasa Inggris. Semoga bermanfaat.

The Legend of Toba

In ancient times in the north of the island of Sumatra, There lived a hard-working young man. He lived alone and worked as a farmer to support himself. Besides farming, he also loved to go fishing in a river which was not far from his home.

One day after returning from the fields, he went fishing to catch fish in the river. He threw the hook and hoped to get fish to eat at the night. But after waiting for a long time, he did not get anything. “Why didn’t I get any fish today?” he asked. The young man was almost desperate and decided to return to his house, by the time he pulled his fishing rod. Suddenly a fish ate the bait. The young man was very happy “at last I can eat fish for tonight” yelled the young man with full of joy. Then he pulled the fish to the edge of river carefully. The young man was shocked when he saw the fish has a beautiful color and sparkle. The young man had thought to release the fish, but he changed his mind because he was feeling hungry. When he was about to put the fish into the basket, the young man heard the sound of crying women. He was amazed and looked for the source of the voice. He was surprised, when he knew the fish cried on his hand. He threw the fish to the ground quickly. “Please, please do not eat me. Let me go” asked the fish. The young man felt scared and was so sorry for the fish. He didn’t eat the fish but took the fish to put it in the river.

After releasing the fish in the river, the fish turned into a very beautiful woman. “Thank you for releasing and saving me!” she said. That woman was a fairy who cursed by the God for breaking the prohibition. The curse will be lost if she was saved by a man. The young man dared himself to ask the woman “Are you a human?”. “Now, I am a human. As my gratitude, I’m willing to live with you but with one condition that do not tell to everyone from what I come from” the woman replied. The young man was very happy to hear what she was saying. Afterward he brought her to his home.


Everyone in his village was surprised to see the young man went home with a woman who is as beautiful as a fairy from heaven. Afterwards the young man proposed to marry the woman. The woman accepted and then both of them got married. After getting married, their life became happier moreover, when they had a baby which named Samosir. The son grew into a good and strong boy. However Samosir had a bad habit. He always felt hungry and ate all foods. His father amazed at his son’s behavior.

One day Samosir’s father went to work in the fields.  He worked all day to make a living for his family. His mother asked Samosir when he was playing to deliver the food to his father in the fields “Son, give this rice for your father..” Samosir took it and went to the fields. On his own way to meet his father, Samosir was so hungry. He stopped and ate the food which would be given to his father. Then, he continued to go to the field. Having arrived in the field, his father who had waited so long asked him about the foods “did your mother ask you to bring the foods, right?” Samosir nodded and gave the package to his father.

When opened the package, the father was getting mad. He shocked to see the package had run out. The father was furious and hit Samosir “why did you eat all this rice?  You are son of fish!” Samosir cried and went to his mother.

“Am I son of fish, mom?” asked Samosir to his mother. His mother was shocked to hear that. “Why are you talking like that, son?” asked her. “Daddy beat me and he said that I am son of a fish!” His mother was sad to hear her husband had broken his oath. He told his son to run to the high place. She immediately ran to the river. When she was on the edge of the river, the weather that was fine at first suddenly turned into darkness. The sky rumbled followed by a heavy rain. Seeing the weather turned bad, her husband remembered that he had broken his promise. He ran to the river and saw his wife there. He apologized to his wife, but all he did was too late at that moment, his wife jumped into the river and suddenly turned into a big fish.

Soon afterward, the river was flooded and the water overflowed everywhere. Soon the valley was loaded by water. Gradually, the flood expanded and eventually turned into a huge lake. By local people, the lake was called Toba Lake and the islands that appeared in the middle of the river named Samosir island.