Cerita Cinta dalam Bahasa Inggris Romantis dan Artinya

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Cerita Cinta dalam Bahasa Inggris Romantis dan Artinya – Di minggu pagi ini, yuk kita baca sebuah kisah cinta bahasa Inggris yang romantis berikut ini. 🙂

“Dear God, the only thing I ask of you is to hold her when I’m not around.
When I’m much too far away”

Monday morning.
I woke up in dizzy. I was playing video game all night long. I saw my phone was dimming, it might be Dinda, I thought. I would read her message later, I knew she might had a lot of things to do this morning; cleaning her house, prepared breakfast for her family, took a bath and went to her college. I did not want to disturb it. We were in a long distance relationship. I was here, in Surabaya, while she was there in Bandung.

“I’m fragile mister just like any girl would be, and so misunderstood.
So treat me delicately!”

Monday morning.
He might be woken up in dizzy. He might be played video game all night long because he did not text me back after 9. I texted him again in 6 this morning, hoped he had woken up. But there was no answer. I heard my mother was calling for my help down stair. I left my phone silent. We were in a long distance relationship. I was here, in Bandung, while he was there in Surabaya.


I walked in hurry in to my class. Oh God. Mr. Rudi had been inside.
“Come late again, Aria? You seem enjoy it.”
“I’m so sorry, Sir.”
“Sit down.”
I took a seat for me in the last row. I forgot my pen, and my phone.
“Winda, do you bring any other pen? I forgot mine.” She turned back at me as I poked her shoulder. She was a nice-smelled girl with a long hair and beautiful face. Last time I heard all the boys talked about her break up with her boy. They seemed so happy. She sat right in front of me.
“Yes, wait.” She took another pinky pen and gave it to me. Pink.
“Never mind” I could see her white teeth dazzling inside fresh pink lips spreading a cute smile. Suddenly I remembered Dinda. I had not text her back. I hoped she would be okay.


“So, he has not texted you back since this morning?”
“He has not since last night for sure. Should I text him to make sure if he is okay or only to remembering him about his lunch?”
“It is up to you. Do you know when will be back from his college?”
“Yes. It should be 15 minutes ago his last class was ended.”
Andri was only smiling at me. There was no exact response from him. He is my classmate. We were getting closer after we were in the same group of class discussion a month ago. He was nice, look nice, and a great “player”. I hated this kind of boy. He seemed professional in playing any girls heart.
Suddenly I remembered Aria. He was not that kind of boy at all. I hoped he would never be.

-Aria, Dinda-

Aria: Hey dear, whats up? I forgot bringing my phone. Have you had your lunch?

Dinda: I miss you. Yes I have had, and you?

Aria: I never forget once.

Dinda: You don’t even miss me.

Aria: Sorry, I miss you too.

Dinda: Thanks.

Aria: Are you okay?

Dinda: Yes I am.

Aria: Good.



What was wrong? She got mad at me. Again I thought. She did not text me back. For some reason I only need to ignore it. She did it about twice a week. I could not even understand her. I took my bag and saw there was something pink tucked among my things inside. That was Winda’s pen. How stupid I am. I should give it back.
Aria: Where are you? I haven’t given back your pen.

Winda: In my dorm. Give it to me tomorrow. It’s okay 😀

Aria: I am coming there. Just wait.

Winda: What? Okaaaay. Up to you????

I felt something like a feeling of revenge in my heart. I did not know what for and why I needed to meet Winda right now. I just… I wanted to forget Dinda ‘a bit’. That was funny how I drove my motorcycle to Winda’s dorm only to give back her pink pen. It was only needed 5 minutes to be right in front of her dorm.
Aria: I’m outside.

Winda: Coming.

She came out. She was always the same, wearing a smile in her face. For a moment I feel like I wanted to grab that smile and putted it in my wallet.
“Here… Yours.”
She laughed beautifully.
“You’re too much. You can give it to me in our class tomorrow.”
“I’m afraid I will forget it and put it somewhere and lose.”
“It’s okay. I have ten more.”
She laughed again. Beautifully.
“That’s good. I just love to be responsible.”
“Nice. Wanna come in?”
“No thanks. I think I will go now.” I choked up my motorcycle and ready to go.
“Eh? What?”
“Thanks.” She smiled.
I couldn’t answer any words. She never looked this attractive before. Suddenly I felt like I know why all those boy crumbling at her. I drove my motorcycle slowly.
After that day, I met Winda regularly; having breakfast until dinner together.


He never changed. It did not matter if for some circumstances it would be difficult for him to keep in touch with me. But I am his girl. It was not an easy to be here, in this place without his treat to comfort me. I was dying.
My phone rang as Andy’s name showed in it. I rejected his call. I was not in a good mood to talk to him. But I nearly knew what would happen next, he would text me. And I was right.
Andy: What’s wrong? R u home?

Dinda: Yes I am. I am not in a good mood.

There was no answer. I thought he got this clear. Good.
I was typing word to word to relief my feeling to Aria. I was trying to make him understand my feelings. Typed it and deleted it, typed it and deleted it, repeatedly.
About 15 minutes flowed. I heard someone came to my house as I knew my mother opened the door. I felt curious about it then I was peeking outside. Andy!
My mother was on her way to my room.
“Dinda, Andy is here.”
“I know.”
Coming to my living room then seeing Andy was smiling stupidly.
“What are you doing here?”
“I am afraid you are not in a good condition. I only buy you some food. Wanna have a talk?”
“I am okay…”
“No, you are not.”
Okay. This boy was sweet. He listened to my story and respect of it. I hated him for some reason and I swore I would never fall to him. But now I knew why he became that popular; he was awesome.
He comforted me in a beautiful way. No matter how, he treated me right. Suddenly I hated the way Aria ignored me every time.


I knew I walked too far away here. Now in front of my eyes there was a girl crying. Winda. She asked me what to do with her feeling. She loved me.
We had dates since a month ago. I should never begin it. I was a stupid.
“Why? Can’t we?”
“No… Winda, I am so sorry.”
“But you hate your girl!”
“No… I know I am stupid but… I know in my deepest heart. I love her.”

I took my phone. I did not know what to do. Winda was going with her tears. Then I was sending:
Aria: Dinda. I love you.



“Leave him. I will be yours forever.”
“Andy… I am…”
God… I knew I was wrong tonight. My brain kept in thinking which one was the right for me.
Suddenly my phone beeped.

Aria: Dinda. I love you.

“Andy… I can’t”

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