Cara Menggunakan Will Be Doing di Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Cara Menggunakan Will Be Doing di Dalam Bahasa Inggris – ‘Will be doing’ adalah frase kata kerja yang digunakan dalam future continuous tense. Secara umum, ‘Will be doing’ bermakna ‘yang akan sedang terjadi/dilakukan’, keterangan waktunya tentu di masa depan. Berikut ni adalah penggunaannya secara lebih detil.

1. Kita dapat menggunakan ‘will be doing’ untuk membicarakan sesuatu yang sedang berlangsung pada suatu saat tertentu di masa depan.


•    This time next week, I’ll be teaching in the classroom in Bandung.
•    I’ll be eating all the pizza back at home and I’ll watching movie of Brad Pitt.
•    We’ll be finishing our work. We won’t let our hair down.
•    She will be playing tennis next week at 9 a.m.
•    This time next month, my mother will be visiting me and we will be going around this city together.
•    I’ll be doing my homework this evening.

2. Kita bisa menggunakan ‘will be doing’ untuk membicarakan peristiwa masa depan yang sudah pasti atau sudah ditentukan

•    I’ll be visiting my village on a regular basis. In fact, I’m going to be coming next week.
•    He’ll be looking after the office until we can appoint a new employee.
•    They’ll be doing their work very carefully over the next few weeks.
•    We’ll be taking course until next month to prepare for university test in June.
•    My parents will be going to Mecca this week for a month.
•    Jeana will be having national examination next week.
•    She’ll be giving a birth in September. She is in the sixth month of pregnancy now.
3. Kita dapat menggunakan ‘will be doing’ untuk memprediksi apa yang terjadi sekarang.

•    Try phoning his home. He’ll probably still be sleeping and dreaming.
•    They’ll be deciding who gets the award at this very moment. I’m very excited and nervous at the same time.
•    She’s not in her room. She’ll be taking a bath in the bathroom. You can wait for a moment.
•    He is sad. He’ll be probably having a bad news from his boss.
•    They look very serious. They’ll be talking about the new project for next year.
•    My father hasn’t called us today. He’ll probably very busy with his work in the office.

4. Kita dapat menggunakan ‘will be doing’ untuk bertanya dengan cara yang sangat sopan, dan tanpa tekanan, atau tentang rencana masa depan.

•    Will you be dating with me this evening?
•    Will you be eating pizza for dinner?
•    Will she be joining us for watching in the cinema tonight?
•    Will he be fixing my car? I need to use it next two days.
•    Will you be going to saloon with me this morning? I need a friend to accompany me.
•    Will you be living with me forever?
•    Will you be staying in my home tonight?
•    Will you be cooking chicken soup for lunch?
•    Will you be playing football with your team in the next match?
•    Will you be keeping my secret very well?