Cara Menggunakan So dan Such di Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Cara Menggunakan So dan Such di Dalam Bahasa Inggris – Bagaimana kita menggunakan so dan such dalam kalimat bahasa Inggris? Ikuti penjelasan di bawah ini. 🙂

Penggunaan ‘So’:

1. So + Adjective

“So” dapat dikombinasikan dengan adjectives untuk menunjukan arti ‘sangat’ pada kata sifat yang diawali ‘so’. Bentuk ini banyak digunakan pada kalimat seru.


  • The music is so great! I really enjoy it
  • The food is so delicious! I want to buy it again next time.
  • Her face is so innocent! She still looks like a kid.
  • His ring is so expensive! I bet that is a limited edition.

2. So + Adverb

“So” bisa dikombinasikan dengan adverbs untuk menjelaskan arti ‘sangat’ pada kata keterangan cara yang digunakan. Bentuk ini sering digunakan dalam kalimat seru.


  • She walks so slowly! I usually leave her behind.
  • He cooks so well! I am happy to have dinner at his home.
  • They work so fast! I can rise their salary next month.
  • She dances so beautifully! I love it very much.

3. So + Many / Few + Plural Noun

“So” dapat dikombinasikan dengan “many” or “few” plus a plural noun untuk menunjukkan arti ‘sangat’ tentang banyaknya jumlah benda tertentu.


  • I don’t know you have so many bags! They look great and expensive, don’t they?
  • He has so few friends! He often feels lonely.
  • She gets so many foods for lunch. She should ask her friend to eat together.
  • We buy so many books to read in the holiday. We really like reading.

4. So + Much / Little + Non-countable Noun

’So’ bisa dikombinasikan dengan “much” or “little” plus a non-countable noun untuk menunjukan arti ‘sangat’ tentang jumlah benda yang tidak dapat dihitung (uncountable noun).


  • Pigo got so much money! He finally bought a new car and house.
  • Juju has so little sugar! She can’t make candy today.

5. So + Much / Little / Often / Rarely

“So” dapat dikombinasikan dengan “much,” “little,” “often,” or “rarely” untuk menjelaskan frekuensi/seberapa sering seseorang melakukan kegiatan/aksi.


  • Sam swims so much! It’s very good for his health.
  • I come to the English course so rarely! I have missed many lessons.

Penggunaan ‘Such’:

1. Such + Adjective + Noun

“Such” bisa dikombinasikan dengan kata sifat (adjective) dan kata benda (noun) untuk menjelaskan arti ‘sangat’.


  • Rita has such a beautiful voice! I really love it
  • Sisi bought such a pretty dress! That must be expensive.

INGAT: Jika tanpa kata benda (noun) Anda gunakan ‘So’.

  • such a beautiful girl
  • so beautiful

2. Such + Judgemental Noun

“Such” bisa dikombinasikan dengan kata benda yang menunjukan penilaian untuk memberikan penekanan.


  • She is such an idiot!
  • He is such a genius!

3. Such + Noun (This type of…)

“Such” juga dapat bermakna “jenis ini” atau “jenis itu”.


  • The archeologist had never seen such writing before he discovered the tablet.
    this/that type of writing
  • They usually don’t receive such criticism. They cannot develop themselves because of that.
    this/that kind of criticism
  • We have never done such mistakes before. We blame ourselves for being lost. (these/those kinds of mistakes)
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