Biografi Agnes Monica dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Biografi Agnes Monica dalam Bahasa Inggris – Agnes adalah seorang artis Indonesia yang mendunia. Karir dan prestasinya baik di dalam maupun luar negeri tak perlu diragukan. Berikut biografi singkatnya dalam bahasa Inggris.

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Agnes Monica

A multi-talented singer and actress, Agnes Monica, was born on July 1, 1986, in Jakarta. Her parents are Ricky Suprapto and Jenny Siswono. She has an older brother named Steve Muljoto. He is also her manager until now. He always accompanies Agnes.

Since she was in the elementary school, Agnes was always busy with her extra activities outside school such as singing, piano, and English course, piano. Not only talented in singing, but also Agnes has good achievement in her academic at school. She is a smart and good learner. Agnes continued her study at Pelita Harapan University, majoring Law. However, she decided to resign with last GPA 3.67 and then she took a program of Distance Education at Oregon States University (USO) majoring Political Science.

Her first debut was in 1992 that she released a kid’s song album named “Si Meong”. She released the other album of kid’s song in 1995 and 1996. She won a category of Best Kid’s Album in 1999. She was more popular when she became the presenter of some kid’s programs named “Tralala-Trilili”, “VAN (Anteve Kids Video)” and “Diva Romeo”. Those programs brought Agnes to be the most favourite presenter of kid’s program in Panasonic Awards for two years in a row (1999-2000).


In 1999, Agnes started her debut as an actress. She began to put off her image as a kid singer. In 2000, she involved in a serial TV, “Pernikahan Dini”, as the main character with Syahrul Gunawan. That serial TV had a good rate and Agnes won the most favourite actress in “Panasonic Awards 2001”, “Panasonic Awards 2002”, and an award as best actress in “SCTV Awards 2002”. She also showed her acting in two Taiwan serial TV with Jerry Yan and Peter Ho. Her career as an actress is bright and it also shows how she always works hard for what she is doing.

When she was teenager, she released her new album such as “And the Story Goes” (2003), “Whaddup A’..?!” (2005), Nez (2008), “Sacredly Agnezious” (2009) and “Agnes Is My Name” (2011). It was also an honour that she became one of the master ceremonies in “American Music Awards 2010” which was held at yang Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles, United States of America. In that event, Agnes also had an opportunity to sing with Christian Chavez.

In 2011, Agnes began to focus on her international career. She is contracted by a great American producer, Greg Ogan. Not only that, she was also requested to be the partner of Timbaland, an American singer, to have a duet in his song. In the same year, she became the nominator of MTV Europe Awards 2011 in the category of World Wide Act Asia Pacific Nominees. Her bright achievement continued in the following year. She was one of the nominator for the category of Favorite Asian Act in Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. But, she didn’t get it. The winner was Charice, a female singer from Philippine. In November 2012, she won the Best Asian Artist in Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).

Agnes Monica is struggling for her international career in USA. Indonesia is proud of having her. She has made many achievements that brought the name of Indonesia to International industry of entertainment. Currently, Agnes lives in USA and she sometimes comes to Indonesia for her business. She does not only make a brighter career for herself, but also Agnes has an academy which produces new multi-talented singers.

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