Berbagai Contoh Pembukaan Pidato dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Berikut Adalah Berbagai Macam Contoh Pembukaan Pidato Dalam Bahasa Inggris. Semoga bisa bermanfaat bagi Anda.

1. Pembukaan Pidato Dengan Memperkenalkan Diri Dalam Konteks Pidato Motivasi

Assalamualaikum wb wb!

Good Morning all students that I proud of. Before we get into the training motivation this morning, let me introduce myself first; because there is a quote that said “if we do not know each other. It is not a love”. So, my name is Arga syahputra, I was called Arga, I was born in Pringsewu, Lampung on 27 March 1987. I was the first son of four children. I am currently active as a young motivator in “Motivation Training Center Bandar Lampung”. My achievements are: I have ever became the best graduate student in high school and UNILA, Become one of the students that ever joined in students exchange program to Australia and many others. Well, with that brief introduction. I hope it will give you some extra energy to make your dream comes true through this motivation training this morning….. (Langsung dihubungkan dengan isi pidato).

2. Pembukaan Pidato Dengan Memberikan Ilustrasi Dalam Konteks Pidato Sosialisasi Bahaya Demam Berdarah

Assalamualaykum wr.wb
Greet the audience
Say gratitude

Ladies and gentlemen, before I explain the topics of this speech about how to overcome the dangers of dengue mosquitoes, I would give an illustration as the sample: In a large house, there is a child who is bitten by mosquitos, and he suffered dengue fever. Then the mosquitos go to the neighbor’s house right beside that child’s house and bite them. Then they were also infected to dengue fever. Can you imagine if those mosquitos spread and bite all of people in that village? What will happen to them? Of course it will be a nightmare. Mosquitoes are so dangerous especially dengue mosquito that…………….. (Langsung dihubungkan dengan isi pidato). [sc:kodeadsense]

3. Pembukaan Pidato Dengan Bersyukur Kepada Tuhan


First of all let us convey our gratitude and praise to God, because he has gave a lot of of pleasure to us, such as health, opportunity, and happiness that we feel today. Without mercy, it can be impossible for us to enjoy our life and come to this forum today. Secondly, let us greet and pray to our beloved prophet who brings us to the path of light and leave the darkness in this life. Please allow me to stand in this forum to give a speech as representative of my friends to say a few words in this forum……. (Langsung dihubungky an dengan isi pidato).

4. Pembukaan Pidato Dengan Sedikit Bumbu Humor Dalam Pidato Tentang Wirausaha


Before we are talking about our topic today, I have a story about my fat neighbor who sells meat and eggs at once. One day I asked him, “You’re so fat. You must have a lot of money, right?”  “No that’s not true, I am fat because I eat eggs and meat every day hhhaa.?” He replied. In the story above I know that he has a lot of money, but he refused to tell the truth but he cannot cheat on me.  We can see in this real life. Most of businessmen are fat. That is true because by trading, they can earn a lot of money and enjoy their life. Becoming a businessman is …… (Langsung dihubungkan dengan isi pidato).

5. Pembukaan Pidato Dengan Penjabaran Fakta Sejarah

Greets to the audience…

Today, we are here to commemorate the historic day in our nation named Youth’s oath Day. The day when the entire Indonesian youth united and fought on behalf of the Indonesian nation to expel the invaders from our beloved country Republic of Indonesia. Therefore … (Langsung dihubungkan dengan isi pidato).

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