Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Fungsi Lingkungan Hidup

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Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Fungsi Lingkungan Hidup –  Mengetahui apa itu lingkungan hidup, fungsinya, dan bagaimana cara merawat lingkungan hidup, tentu merupakan kewajiban kita, sebagai manusia.

Lingkungan hidup yang ada di sekitar kita, tentunya merupakan aspek penting di dalam kehidupan. Tanpa air, udara, tanah, dan tumbuh-tumbuhan, maka kita sebagai makhluk hidup tidak akan dapat memenuhi takdirnya untuk hidup dan beraktivitas. Oleh karenannya, penting bagi kita untuk mempunyai kesadaran sehingga perawatan lingkungan hidup bisa terus dilakukan dan pencegahan dari kerusakan lingkungan bisa segera tercapai. Lebih baik mencegah daripada mengobati bukan?

Berikut ini, terdapat sebuah Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Fungsi Lingkungan Hidup di dalam bahasa Inggris yang tujuannya selain memberikan referensi kepada Anda, juga menghadirkan kesadaran terhadap perawatan lingkungan hidup itu sendiri. Semoga bermanfaat.

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Environment, inevitably, always overshadow the human life. We as human have a life from the materials supplied by the surrounding environment. The environment is the first and primary source of our life. Its presence in the earth cannot be ignored and should be maintained well.

The Functions of Environment

We take advantage of all the environment for the purpose of their life. When building a house, we cut the trees to get wood as a foundation.

When hungry, we pluck the vegetables from the plant to be cooked. We take the water from well and river for drinking, bathing, washing, and other needs. That’s just a bit of an example because there are many other things that humans do to take the advantage of the environment. Other living beings also use the environment for survival, such as animals that eat plants and other animals to survive.

In addition to meet the life needs of primary, secondary, and tertiary, the environment has many other roles. It directly stimulates people to think more critical in order for developing the functions much more than before. Buildings, houses, temples, reservoirs, parks, and other objects are the result of human creations when they decided to utilize the surrounding environment.

From the description, it is clear that living beings cannot be separated from its environment. Living things and the environment affect and need each other. The loss of one of these elements will affect the survival of inequality each other. [sc:kodeadsense]

Managing the Environment

Well-managed environment will result in the prevention of environmental damage. Environment with good management could potentially protect the ecosystem and prevent the exploitation. The main principle of an environmental management is using something properly.

Environmental management can be done by managing natural resources. There are some efforts to manage natural resources. Concerted effort was divided into several activities, namely:

  • utilization
  • control
  • supervision
  • recovery
  • development

These five things should be done properly so that the environment can be maintained continuity. Environmental sustainability is a main point of human welfare that from day to day has increased the demand. Furthermore, the management must also be accompanied by a human consciousness to preserve the natural resources available in the vicinity.

Environmental management should be done gradually so that the end result is satisfactory. Every action must pass through the planning phase, the implementation of the use, control, and the development.

The Norma of Natural Resources Utilization
  • Humans exploit natural resources with harmony and respect the other living beings.
  • The environment can be utilized by all organisms.
  • It needs to do the preservation of natural resources. Preservation is done in stages, but it is effective and efficient.
  • Use the resources well and attempt the recycling.
  • Humans should be able to play an active role in managing, supervising, utilizing, and they are also responsible for the preservation of the environment.
  • Applying the technology to harness the natural resources due to limited human capabilities.
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