74 Contoh Judul Makalah dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru

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74 Contoh Judul Makalah dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru – Jika Anda ingin mencari sebuah judul makalah, maka disinilah tempatnya. Berikut terdapat 74 judul makalah yang ada di dalam bahasa Inggris dan bisa menjadi referensi yang berarti bagi penelitian Anda.
  1. The Impact of Information and Technology in Education
  2. Definition, Function, History, and Damage of Mobile Phone
  3. The Effect of School Libraries on Quality Education in School
  4. The Importance of Science in Our Life
  5. Paper as a Science and Education as a System
  6. The Importance of Early Education for Children under Five years
  7. The Use of Kompos as a Fertilizer in Plantation
  8. The Danger of Smoking for Health
  9. The Advantages of Healthy Life
  10. The Advantages of Sport for our Health
  11. The Impact of Alcohol for Our Body
  12. The Disadvantages of the rise of Gasoline Price
  13. The Function of Teacher in Learning Activity
  14. Ways to Prevent Global Warming
  15. The process of Rain Formed
  16. The Process of Making rainbow Cake
  17. The Danger of Drugs for Teenagers
  18. The Danger of Teenager Delinquency
  19. How to Create a Healthy Environment
  20. The Prevention of Bullying In School
  21. Bullying as Students Enemy in School
  22. Drugs in adolescence
  23. Drugs Addiction and Drugs Abuse
  24. The Issue of Teenager Delinquency 
  25. Problems Faced by the Government for the Respect, Recognition and Enforcement of Law and Human Rights
  26. Islamic Law in Selling Transaction
  27. The Rule of Law in Society
  28. Criminal law and Justice System in Indonesia is Different
  29. The Role of Computer in Human Activity
  30. Information Systems Strategy to Teach Advance Speaking
  31. How to install XAMPP Application on your Facebook
  34. Drug Abuse in Adolescent Society
  35. The Important of Environmental cleanliness in School
  36. The Danger of Air Pollution for Respiration System
  37. Technology Based-Learning
  38. Efforts to preserve an environmental
  39. Mother Role in Children Growth
  40. Influence of Socio-cultural Change to Education
  41. Character Education for Indonesia In the globalization era
  42. The Role of Parents towards Child Education
  43. [sc:kodeadsense]
  44. Positive and Negative Impact of Technology Progress to Education
  45. The Use of Audio Visual Media for Childhood Education
  46. Educational Curriculum in Indonesia
  47. Problems of Indonesian Education System
  48. The Latest Issues of Education in Indonesia
  49. The Importance of Sex Education for Teenager
  50. Education Policy in Indonesia
  51. Importance of Equality Education for Women
  52. How to Overcome Cultural Against Globalization
  53. How to Recycle Paper Papers
  54. Papers Factors Affecting Embodiment Classroom Management
  55. Papers Educational Planning Function
  56. Papers Function Teachers in Teaching and Learning
  57. Papers Function Teachers in Teaching Learning Process
  58. Islamic Law Papers Buy-Sell Foreign Currency
  59. Papers success of Islamic Education in Indonesia
  60. Papers Linkage Chemistry with Mathematical Logic
  61. Platform Papers Education in Indonesia
  62. The foundation of philosophical papers Pancasila
  63. The Meaning of Educational Psychology and Learning Principles
  64. Papers Relationship with Psychological Science and Library Science
  65. Papers Philosophy of Science and Logic
  66. Social Psychology Papers on Social Status Differences
  67. Religious Purpose and Worldly Papers in Education
  68. Papers Philosophy of Islamic Education
  69. Values-Based Moral Character Education
  70. The content values in the Character Education
  71. Education As a means of strengthening Leading National Character
  72. Role of Literature in Character Education
  73. Strengthening human character through Education
  74. Pros and Contras of the Change of Educational Curriculum in Indonesia
  75. The Difference between Curriculum 2013 and Curriculum based on Text
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