7 Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Untuk Menanyakan Nama Seseorang

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7 Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Untuk Menanyakan Nama Seseorang – Bagaimana frase dan kalimat-kalimat yang tepat apabila Anda ingin menanyakan nama seseorang? Silakan lihat contoh percakapan di bawah ini.

Percakapan 1

Headmaster : What is your name?

Tini : My name is Tini.

Headmaster : What is your full name?

Tini : My full name is Tini Tun.

Headmaster : Is Tun your surname.

Tini : Yes, it is. That is my father’s name.

Percakapan 2

Teacher  : What is your father’s name, Panji?

Panji  : His name is Benny.

Teacher  : What is your mother’s name?

Panji  : Her name is Lolita.

Teacher  : What is your brother’s name?

Panji  : His name is Andy.

Teacher  : What is your sister’s name?

Panji  : Her name is Nurul.

Percakapan 3

Tarno  : Is your name Yati?

Tiwus  : No, it is not.

Tarno  : Oh, I’m sorry.

Tiwus  : It’s okay.

Tarno  : So, what is your name?

Tiwus  : My name is Tiwus Yuti

Tarno  : That is a beautiful name. Nice to know you.

Tiwus : Nice to know you, too.


Percakapan 4

Janet : Excuse me, are you Jessy?

Pelope : No, I’m not. I am Pelope.

Janet : I’m sorry.

Pelope : Never mind.

Janet : Excuse me, are you Jessy?

Jessy : Yes, I am.

Janet : Hello, Jessy. My name is Janet.

Jessy : Nice to meet you, Jenita.

Janet : Nice to meet you, too. Have you waited for long time?

Jessy : Oh no. Only 15 minutes.

Janet : Oh Sorry, Jessy. I had a problem with my car that’s why I’m late.

Jessy : It’s okay. Let’s start our meeting now.

Percakapan 5

Officer : Hello, little kid.

Bita : Hello, sir.

Officer : What is your name?

Bita : My name is Bita.

Officer : Where are your parents? Why are you alone here?

Bita : My mother and my father are buying something at that store on the corner.

Officer : Very well, smart kid. Don’t go too far from here. It is dangerous if you disappear.

Percakapan 6

Ceni : Wow, you are really good at playing basketball!

Deki : Yeah, I practice a lot. Do you like playing basketball, too?

Ceni : Yes, but I am a bad player. Hahaha.

Deki : Hahaha. By the way, what should I call you?

Ceni : Oh, My name is Ceni.

Deki : I am Deki. Do you often come here?

Ceni : Not really. I came here with my friend. He is the one who comes here a lot. I only accompany him.

Deki : Oh, really? What’s his name?

Ceni : His name is Lewis.

Deki : Oh, Lewis. It sounds familiar. Mmm.. Do you want to practice playing basketball with me?

Ceni : Wow, That’s great.

Deki : Well, Ceni. Let’s play!

Percakapan 7

Officer : Good afternoon. This is X Company, with Sofi. Can I help you?

Me : Hello, Yes. Can I talk to Mr. Owl?

Officer : Who is calling? Can you mention your name?

Me : This is Vivi speaking.

Officer : Pardon. Would you like to spell your name?

Me : It’s V-I-V-I.

Officer : Okay. Where are you from?

Me : I am from Sun School.

Office : One moment please. I will connect you with him.

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