7 Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Mengungkapkan Kesedihan dan Simpati | Expressing Sadness or Sympathy

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7 Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Mengungkapkan Kesedihan dan Simpati | Expressing Sadness or Sympathy – Mari kita simak tujuh contoh percakapan di bawah ini. 🙂

Table of Contents

Percakapan 1

Santo : Hi Tantri, do you know my sister, Iren?

Tantri : Of course I know her so well, she is my brother’s best friend.

Santo : She passed away this morning.

Tantri : Oh my God, I am so sorry to hear that. Is she sick?

Santo : No, she got an accident when she went home last night. She was hospitalized but…

Tantri : Go on, I am here with you.

Percakapan 2

Tini : Hello, Wanto, you look dejected. What’s wrong?

Wanto : My grandma passed away in Surabaya, Tini.

Tini : It’s terribly. I am sorry to hear that, Wan. How old was she?

Wanto : She was eighty seven years old.

Tini : She was old

Wanto : the doctor said that she had been having a hard time with many complications.

Tini : When is her funeral?

Wanto : Tomorrow. I am going to buy a ticket to go to Surabaya now. Do you want to accompany me?

Tini : I know how you feel. I am here with you. I will accompany you. Don’t worry.

Percakapan 3

Gesta : I heard that you have cancelled your flight to go abroad.

Heidy : Yes. My mother didn’t allow me to go.

Gesta : What a terrible situation.

Heidy : Thank you. I think I’ll focus on some business here.

Gesta : The fact that your mother didn’t allow you to go is unpredictable.

Heidy : Yes. She is the one who always supports me. I have to cancel my business in German.

Gesta : Maybe, she worries about you.

Heidy : Maybe. I don’t know.

Percakapan 4

Sandra : I heard that Tiara got an accident.

Wita : Yes, the accident has her them away. I hope she rest in peace.

Sandra : I know how her parents feel. I sympathize with them.

Wita : That’s very kind of you.

Percakapan 5

Lika : Finally I pass the mathematics test. It is really a difficult test.

Mila : Yes. I’m happy for you. I didn’t pass the test.

Lika : How come? What a pity! You have to study harder. I believe that you cando better next time.

Mila : Yes. I think I can ask the teacher to have another test, and also I need her to consult.

Percakapan 6

Putri : Where is your new wallet that I bought you it for you last week?

Putra : I lost it this morning. I think I dropped it somewhere or maybe I forgot whete I put it.

Putri : Oh what a nuisance. You also lost your money then? You have to be careful next time.

Putra : Yes, and also my ID Card. I will search it again at home in case I just forgot, not lose it.

Percakapan 7

Yuna : So, when are you going to go to Los Angeles?

Jesika : I should have left last month, but …

Yuna : What’s the matter? What’s wrong?

Jesika : My visa to go there has not been ready yet until now.

Yuna : What a terrible situation? I’m very sorry to hear that.

Jesika : Thanks. You are a kind friend.

Viki : It will be on your left side. It’s on the corner, next to the Police office. Do you want me to repeat it?

Peter : No, thanks. That was a very clear direction. Thank you very much, sir.

Viki : It’s fine. Take care.

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