7 Contoh iklan hotel dalam bahasa Inggris

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Contoh iklan hotel dalam bahasa Inggris – Di bawah ini, jika Anda menginginkan iklan hotel, maka kami memiliki contoh-contoh yang dapat menjadi referensi. Semoga bermanfaat.

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Contoh 1:

The Summer Hotel

Book your stay with us today

• Panoramic view
• Best hotel for business travel
• Rooms and suites
• Fitness center available
• Free Wi-Fi
• Over 180 rooms
• Complimentary Airport Shuttle Bus Available

Toll Free : 1-0282-92726
Local : 2983-8272

The Summer Hotel
3478 23th Avenue, Redcliff

Contoh 2:

The Darwin
Private Hotel

The Darwin is the largest, most modern, best equipped, and most successful hotel.

The Darwin, with over 500 bedrooms, is considered larger than any hotel in the city. With every bedroom and “outer” room, and hot and cold running water in every bedroom, with bedside reading lamps, private telephones, and radio in bedrooms, the Darwin is certainly the best-equipped hotel in Darwin, and yet the tariff is Moderate Single Rooms from 5/- to 7/- per day for the private bath from 8/-; inclusive rate from 11/6 per day.

Call : 7236-2723
Website : www.thedarwinhotel.com

Contoh 3:

Westside Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

• 300 recently remodeled rooms
• Two showrooms featuring new and the innovative talents
• The bistro open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
• Intimate slots-only casino with 24 hours casino bar
• Outdoor pool and hot tub available 24/7
• 5 minute walk to the Las Vegas Convention Center or the Las Vegas Strip
• 4500 sq ft of function space perfect for parties and special events
• Two wedding chapels
• Two showrooms featuring live entertainment
• Earn and redeem choice priviledges

Call : 7330-2827
Fax : 7330-2827
Website : www.westsidehotelandcasino.co.us


Contoh 4:

If you want a good feed,
Please go to Grande Mark.

If you want a good rest and stay,
Please go to Grande Mark.

If you want a good view and natural services,
Please go to Grande Mark.

Grande Mark Hotel and Boarding House,
Getway street north

Website: www.grandemark.org

Contoh 5:

When you’re visiting, Enjoy stay, and Play Packages!

Feel closer to home in this new upscale, extended-stay hotel. Fine amenities for business and families. The quality you’ve come to expect from Hilton.

Spectacular golf-18 holes, scenic views, great event venue, practice facility, american quisine. Voted the first in the Rogue Valley.

Stay with us, The Pepita hotel.

Call : 4578-9976
Fax : 4578-9976

Contoh 6:


The continous efforts of the management to add the services and multiply the comforts of the Hughes, have found their reward in the ever-increasing-favor which the hotel enjoys.

Hotel Hughes, South street.

Book us at www.hugheshuge.com
Or call us 5677-9877

Contoh 7:

Papilon Residency
One-of-a-kind-location for once-in-a-lifetime occasion

Whether you want your ceremony to be an intimate affair, or a grand event, we are Papilon residency, set to make it memorable with a host of exclusive services.

• Amazing ambiences
• Trendiest ceremony styles
• Magnificent decor options
• From an intimate gathering of less than 100 to a larger event of 2000-plus
• Distinct open-air/ closed reception venues
• 144 rooms to house your guests
• Exclusive wedding services
• Full menu of indulgances

For booking: 7890-9976 or 3450-5467

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