4 Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Expressing Complaint atau Keluhan

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4 Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Expressing Complaint atau Keluhan – Bagaimana kita bisa mengekspresikan keluhan menggunakan bahasa Inggris? Simak dialog percakapan di bawah ini.

Percakapan 1

Mifia : Excuse me, when can I get my meal? I’ve been waiting for over 40 minutes. What’s the problem?

Waitress : What did you order?

Mifia : French Fries and Chicken roasted.

Waitress : Just one moment, I’ll go inside and find out what the problem is.

Mifia : Okay. As soon as possible, please.

(After a few minutes)

Waitress : Sorry for the long waiting. Here’s your meal. That was a problem with the oven.

Mifia : Thanks. Anyway, I’m afraid the music is too loud. Can you turn it down?

Waitress : I’ll see what I can do. Is there anything else?

Mifia : Actually, I also ordered Milk Green Tea. But, you give me Lemon Tea. I’d like the other one, please.

Waitress : Okay, Your milk green tea will be coming.

Mifia : Thank you.

Percakapan 2

Peggy : Good afternoon, can I help you?

Melati : I bought this bag here yesterday. Last night I just realized that the zip was broken.

Peggy : Do you bring the chit?

Melati : Yes, I do.

Peggy : Well, I will tell it to my manager. Can you wait for a moment?

Melati : Okay. I will wait.

Peggy : My manager said that you can exchange your bag that you bought yesterday with the new one.

Melati : It must be. It should have been like that.

Peggy : Well, here is your new bag. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for shopping here.

Melati : That’s okay.
Percakapan 3

Huto :  Hello Ms. Kilani, may I help you?

Kilani :  Yes, I ordered portable hard disk two weeks ago. But,, until now I haven’t got further information whether the product is ready or not.

Huto :  Oh no!  Can you tell me exactly what brand of portable hard disk that you ordered?

Kilani : It is Sun Disk 500MB.

Huto : I’m very sorry, let me check it in the storage first. It must be there. I already restocked it last week.

Kilani :  Yes, please.

Huto : Hello Ms. Kilani, sorry for your long waiting. This is the product that you ordered. Check it first to make sure.

Kilani :  Yes, this is what I want. Thank you.

Huto : My pleasure Ms. Kilani, again, sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any problem with that product, don’t hesitate to come here. I’ll give you free service.

Kilani : Okay.

Percakapan 4

Popeye : Hello, Bruno, may I help you?

Bruno : Yes. You told me that you will tidy up the living room after having your friends last night but you did not do that.

Popeye : I’m sorry Bruno, I forgot. I was too tired last night. How about cleaning it out now?

Bruno : Yes, that would be okay.

Popeye : Once again, I’m so sorry Popeye. I swear that the living room will be clean and tidy.

Bruno :  That’s good. Do it now.

Popeye : Okay. I’ll do my best.

Bruno :  Thank you.

Popeye : Thank you, Ms. McBride – and again – my apologies for the mix-up* yesterday.

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