4 Contoh Puisi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Alam Indonesia

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4 Contoh Puisi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Alam – Puisi merupakan salah satu cara mengekspresikan sesuatu. Keindahan, kegembiraan, bahkan kesedihan bisa kita ekspresikan melalui sebuah puisi. Seperti contoh berikut ini, ada beberapa puisi yang digunakan oleh penulisnya untuk menemukan keindahan mengenai alam. Semoga bisa bermanfaat bagi Anda.

Table of Contents

Friday Morning

Make friend with the wind.
It brings me run all around the world..
Finding my destiny is inside the gold
Wind shows me that the truth is too cold.

Make friend with the rain.
“Come to me and I’ll become your pain”
Holding my breath to the tears in gain
Rain gives me the reason to dance with my sin

So should I make friend with the thunder?
I’m afraid it makes me wait in the wonder
Being blind searching for my holder
Or maybe I’ll be stronger?

For that I stay in the shoulder of the sun.
Warm and deep, never let me drown
The way it burns my memory is like a gun
Shooting but never hurting, then laughing at the fun.


I’ve ever lived in the gorgeous nature
Awake in its shelter
She always comforts me in my lonely time
Listens to my complain about the harshness in life

Now, she had disappeared
My beautiful nature never comes back
All I have just pain here
Will I die in the loneliness?

Now, she had vanished
The sores penetrate into my hearts
Seeing she was destroyed by the hands of evils
The voice of soul taker roared kills
Now I am nothing
Where do I have to take a shelter?
Where do I have to put my head?
Where do I have to share this feeling of sadness?

Now she has gone away
Leave me all alone everyday [sc:kodeadsense]

Missing the Rain

Come with the cloud and go with the sun.
Oh my moon can you tell me;
Where did the rain go?
Where could I find it all along the time?

I need to be touched by its tears.
It can heal my wound.
It can reveal my doubt.
I need to be touched by its tears.

I love the dark its caused.
I love its cold grab my haunted head.
I love the way it keeps sun in the fold.
I need to be touched by its blade..

Oh my moon can you tell me;
Where did the tears go?
How could I climbed this loneliness
without crying like the rain in the November?

The Natural Beauty

Melodious birds sing beautifully
Flowers bloom share its beauty
King of the day greets warmly
Guiding us to the glory
Writes every tales in this story

I close my eyes
I stretched out my hand
Peace, quiet, which will never end
Comes, dance with the wind

From days to nights
Never stops to share its finesses
A Rhythmic breeze in the mountains
Trees were dancing in the fields
To shake this lonely hearts
Gets rid of the miseries

Dear you, the painter of the natures
Thank you for creating this universe
With all its creatures
Embroidered all in a verse

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