4 Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Ungkapan Rasa Puas dan Tidak Puas

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4 Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Ungkapan Rasa Puas dan Tidak Puas – Bagaimana cara menyatakan ungkapan kepuasan dan tidak puas akan suatu hal menggunakan kalimat-kalimat bahasa Inggris? Anda bisa menggunakan referensi yang ada di bawah ini.

Table of Contents

A. Ungkapan Rasa Puas

Percakapan 1

Kinsya : How’s your holiday, Lifi?

Lifi : It was great! I went to Lampung with my family.

Kinsya : Really? Can you tell me how does it look like?

Lifi : Oh, Lampung has many beautiful beaches. The beaches are still clean. Moreover, I can see dolphins who live in the ocean. It is exactly in Kiluan.

Lifi : Wow, it must be a wonderful holiday for you and your family.

Kinsya : Yes, I’m very satisfied with my vacation there. You must go there.

Lifi : Yes, I think I’ll do that. I will tell your experience to my parents.

Percakapan 2

Wigia : Have you done your magazine project?

Darto : Not yet. It is still in the process. How about you?

Wigia : Well, I have finished it. My friends helped me.

Darto : Are you satisfied with the result?

Wigia : Yes, I am really satisfied with it. Even my lecturer gave me the best score.

Darto : Wow. That’s cool.

Wigia : Thank you. Do you finish all the design by yourself?

Darto : I think I need a help from my friend who studies arts. It will make my magazine look great.

Wigia : That sounds good. Good luck for your project.

Darto : Yeah, I hope we can make a project together.

Wigia : I hope so.

B. Ungkapan Rasa Tidak Puas

Percakapan 1

Jia : Keke, how are you?

Keke : Not really good.

Jia : Why?

Keke : Well, I failed to cook a nice dish in the test last week.

Jia : What happened?

Keke : Well, I applied as a chef in a big restaurant. I did not do my best in the cooking test.

Jia : You seem so sad with it.

Keke : Yes, I’m really displeased about it. I should have done better than I did last week.

Jia : Come on, you can do better than that in another test. I believe it. You are the best cook I have ever known.

Keke : Thanks Jia for calming me down.

Jia : Never mind, keep your spirit up.

Percakapan 2

Neza : Have you read the announcement in front of the teachers’ room?

Lesi : Not yet. Is it interesting?

Neza : Yes, the headmaster said that there will be no study tour to Bandung for the eleventh grade students.

Lesi : Oh My God! And then?

Neza : It is said that the program will be substituted with group research.

Lesi : I think it’s going to be more difficult. I am unhappy with the announcement.

Neza : Yes, I am too. I am not satisfied with the decision of the headmaster.

Lesi : Is the topic of the research written on the announcement?

Neza : No, they said that they will inform it later through the class teacher, and also about the partners in every group.

Lesi : I hope the best for us. I’m afraid of it.

Neza : So do I.

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