4 Contoh Percacakapan Bahasa Inggris Untuk Memberikan Kritik atau Saran

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4 Contoh Percacakapan Bahasa Inggris Untuk Memberikan Kritik atau Saran – Di bawah ini, ada empat contoh percakapan yang bisa Anda jadikan referensi apabila Anda ingin menyampaikan kritik dan saran kepada orang lain.

Table of Contents

Percakapan 1

Sita : Hi Jido, how are you?

Jido : Good. How about you?

Sita : Bad. I’m going to redesign my room but I’m not sure that it is suitable.

Jido : Can I see it?

Sita : Yes please. This is the design.

Jido : It’s a good one.

Sita : Really?

Jido : Yeah, but I think the colour is too dark. Do you like dark color?

Sita : Well, not really, I just want to try new colour.

Jido : The colour doesn’t suit the design. The bright colour will be better.

Sita : Yes, it is a good idea. Then, what about position of the furniture?

Jido : You do not suppose to put the cupboard near the door.

Sita : Well, all right. Thank you very much Jido. Your criticisms and advise will be helpful for me

Jido : You’re welcome, Sita.

Percakapan 2

Yema  : Hi Vica. Long time no see.

Vica  : Not really good. How about you?

Yema  : I’m fine. What happened with you?

Vica  : I’m confused. Next week is my cousin’s wedding party and I haven’t decided which clothe that I will wear.

Yema  : May I see your clothes?

Vica  : Yes. Here are my clothes. How about this red and blue dress?

Yema  : Which one do you prefer?

Vica  : I like the blue dress.

Yema  : But, that is not good. You have to look glamour.

Vica  : It means that red one is better?

Yema  : Yes, it is. You also need to put some accessories like necklace or bracelet. It will be fabulous.

Vica  : Alright. I accept your criticism and suggestion.

Yema  : Yeah.

Vica  : Thank you, Yema.

Yema  : It’s okay, Vica.

Percakapan 3

Geca : I heard from our French teacher that your speaking score is bad.

Banyu : Yes. It is true.

Geca : I have asked you several times to practice together with me but you didn’t. You will not get bad score if you did. At least, you get average score.

Banyu : I’m sorry, Geca. I am shy to speak French. I am afraid that you will laugh at me.

Geca : Don’t worry, dude. I will not do that. I can help you.

Banyu : Really

Geca : Yeah, trust me.

Banyu : You are my very kind friend. Thank you, Geca.

Geca : I think you need to forget your local accent and dialect for awhile when you speak French. Your local accent and dialect are very thick.

Banyu : Yeah, I know. It is quite difficult.

Geca : You can learn it by watching French movie. Try to imitate how the native speakers say their words.

Banyu : You do it?

Geca : Yes, I do. That’s what I do before the French class starts.

Banyu : You are a good learner. Not like me.

Geca : Come on, dude. You can do it. I will help you. How about we start the practice tomorrow?

Banyu : That sounds good. Let’s do it tomorrow.

Geca : Okay.

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