30 Contoh Slang (Bahasa Inggris Gaul) Beserta Artinya – Part 2

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30 Contoh Slang (Bahasa Inggris Gaul) Beserta Artinya – Part 2 – Hello semua, saya sudah menyelesaikan artikel mengenai daftar slang atau bahasa Inggris gaul untuk part kedua. Yuk, sama-sama kita baca, semoga bisa meningkatkan pembendaharaan kosakata Anda. 🙂

Dodgy = mencurigakan

Contoh: I saw a dodgy person sitting in the backside of the room.

Dog’s Dinner = berpakaian bagus

Contoh: That girl is dog’s dinner at the party so that everyone looks at her.

DIY = do it yourself

Contoh: don’t be lazy just DIY.

Didle = berbohong

Contoh: I know you didle on me.

Dimmo = orang bodoh

Contoh: everyone considers him as a dimmo because of his behavior.

Dunno = tidak tahu (don’t know)

Contoh: I dunno she has gone.

Give you a bell = menelpon mu

Contoh: I will give you a bell tonight.

Gimme  = berikan aku (give me)

Contoh: gimme my book that you borrowed yesterday.

Gutted = hancur

Contoh: My entire plan for this weekend have gutted because of rain.

Gabby hayes = orang yang cerewet

Contoh: I can’t stand nay longer to hear that gabby hayes

Gobsmacked = kagum

Contoh: I was gobsmacked with the beautiful scenery here.

Her majesty’s pleasure = dipenjara

Contoh: he was in her majesty’s pleasure for what he had done.

I’m off to Bedfordshire = tidur

Contoh: I’m Off to Bedfordshire at ten o’clock in the night.

In shit street = sedang dalam masalah

Contoh: Marry Jane seems in shit street today.

It`s monkeys outside – sangat dingin sekali di luar.

Contoh: It`s monkeys outside. I couldn’t play with my friend.


Jack of legs = pria yang tinggi

Contoh: All the basketball players re jack of legs

Knackered = lelah

Contoh: I am so knackered today.

Keep dog−eye = berhati-hati

Contoh: We must Keep dog−eye when pass this street.

Keep tabs on = tetap mendapatkan informasi tentang.

Contoh: She keeps tabs on her family from her campus.

Know Your Onions = mudah diketahui

Contoh: she is mysterious person no one knows her onion.

Loo = Toilet

Contoh: I am going to go to loo

Nicked = hilang

Contoh: I found my nicked book on your bag.

Nag pie = pernikahan

Contoh: I came to his nag pie yesterday.

Nutter = orang gila

Contoh: she is afraid of nutter.

One Off = sekali pakai

Contoh: This tissue is for one off

Oak = humor

Contoh: I am laughing out aloud to hear his oak

Odds on = mungkin akan terjadi

Contoh: today is cloudy and it odds on rain.

Skive = malas melakukan sesuatu

Contoh: today I am so skive. I just want to stay at home.

Wonky = tidak benar

Contoh: her statement is wonky.

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