21 Kata Kata Bijak Bahasa Inggris Untuk Sahabat

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21 Kata Kata Bijak Bahasa Inggris Untuk Sahabat – Kata kata bijak berikut ini, bisa memberikan kesan yang mendalam bagi sahabat Anda. Yuk kita simak kata bijak berikut ini. 🙂

1. My best friend, you are someone that I really trust and you always make me calm when I’m with you. You are a place when I am tired, a place to share my sadness and happiness.

2. Best friend is someone who wakes you up when you fall down, entertain you when you are sad or happy. You are so meaningful in my life.

3. Best friend is like star. It cannot always be seen, but they are always in our heart. Best friend always come closer when the world goes away.

4. Even though, we are apart for miles, best friend is not determined by the distance but heart.

5. Best friend will not wrap a punch with a kiss, but she states what makes you hurt in order you change to be a better person.

6. Best friend will not hide your mistake to avoid fighting, he will say it to you bravely because he loves you.

7. A rose can be a garden for me and a best friend can be a world for me.

8. Don’t walk behind me, I can’t lead. Don’t walk front of me, I can’t follow. Please, walk beside me.

9. The process of making friends needs effort to care with loyalty.

10. I believe that you are not a nut which forget the husk. But, you are a part of fire dimension which doesn’t forget its smoke.

11. Having a walk with a best friend is better that having a walk alone in the light.

12. Dear my best friends, I’m sorry if I don’t know the way to thank you. I feel so lucky to have you as my best friends.


13. Best friend will always try to cheer you up when you are sad, even though they use ridiculous thing, just to make you laugh and happy.

14. Best friends are a place to share everything in my life. They are people who decorate colour in my life. They always accept my weakness and respect my strength.

15. Best friend is not about whom you know him for a long time. But, it is about someone who comes to your life and never leave you in every condition; good or bad.

16. I will feel sad when success has been reached but I go through the days without people I love.

17. Friends know your entire best story in your life. A Best friend took a part in those best stories.

18. Talking with friends who haven’t been seen for long time makes me realize how far your life goes and how your life change now.

19. When we decide to go through this life by ourselves, we remember that have some memories together. When our life has changed, whatever the change, we will always be best friends.

20. Respect and take care of your friendship. They are people who are even closer than family, sometimes.

21. Having one truly best friend is better than having thousands of friends who always think about his egoism.

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