20 kata Kata Cinta Bahasa Inggris Untuk Ibu

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20 kata Kata Cinta Bahasa Inggris Untuk Ibu – Di bawah ini, terdapat contoh-contoh kata cinta yang ditujukan untuk menghargai perjuangan seorang ibu.

1. Mom, you are an angel without wings that I know in this world.

2. Mom, you are the most beautiful thing that I have.

3. I promise to my self that I will make you proud of me, mom.

4. Mommy, thank you for the love you give to me. You hold and cherish me for the whole my life.

5. Mommy, I want to hug you tightly. Thank you for caring me since I was in your worm until now. You are the best, mom.

6. Your smile is a little heaven for me, mom.

7. I am sorry for being busy in the whole week. I am so sorry, mom. I promise that I will have a vacation somewhere with you in the holiday.

8. Mom, I wish you will always be healthy and happy.

9. Mom, you are a tough woman in facing many problems in this life. You are still strong not only for your own life, but also my life and father’s. Thank you for always being with me in my hard day and my pleasant day.

10. God, please love my mother as she always loves me since I was in her womb until now. Please keep her, God.


11. I miss your hug and kiss, mom. I will come home soon and have a quality time with you.

12. Mom, you always become my inspiration and motivation in this life.

13. Mom, you look tired. Everyday you cook, wash, and also make money to afford our life. I am sorry that I haven’t done anything for you. Thank you mom for everything you do for us.

14. Mom, I’m sorry for the mistakes I made. I am sorry for making you angry. I never intend to do that. Sometimes we argue because we have different thought. I’m sorry for making you disappointed. I love you, mom.

15. Mom, I did everything for you. I always try to make you happy. I always do my best to show my love for you. Now, please give me chance to decide my own life. I will never forget your advices. I will always remember it.

16. I am sorry because I haven’t given you something worth it, mom. But, I always pray to God in order you are always happy and healthy.

17. I will never be like me now if there is no your support and pray, mom. You always accompany me to reach my success. Thank you, mom.

18. Mom, you are a beautiful woman with diamond in your behaviour, with gold in your words, with sparkling crystal in your eyes. You are my angel.

19. I am sad I f I see you cry. I always want to make you happy. I feel disappointed to myself if I make you cry. I promise that I will give you happiness. Please believe in me, mom.

20. I feel so grateful because I still have you in my life. I can still see you everyday. I eat the dish you cook. I can still talk with you. Thank you for being here, mom.

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