2 English Conversation Between Receptionist and Customer

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2 English Conversation Between Receptionist and Customer – Pernahkah Anda bercakap-cakap dalam sebuah dialog dengan resepsionis atau petugas di sebuah toko? Kalau ya, maka hal itu sama dengan situasi berikut ini.

Table of Contents

Conversation 1

Receptionist : Good morning miss. What can I do for you?
Customer : Good morning sir. I need some drawing books and crayons.
Receptionist : What the brands do you want to choose sir? We have many brands of drawing books and crayons like Sidu, Mirage, Luna, Pantel, and Faber Castel.
Customer : Could you explain which one that has the best quality?
Receptionist : Oh sure, For the Crayon, Pantel is the best Crayon. It produces wonderful color. For the Drawing book, Sidu is still the best one. The paper is very thick and smooth. So the quality of picture that you will draw will be perfect. Which one do you want to buy miss?
Customer : Mmmm how about the price. Are pantel and Sidu the most expensive one?
Receptionist : Of course Miss. The price guarantees the quality. Pantel’s price is Rp 40.000 per box, and Sidu’s price is Rp. 60.0000 per box. If you want the cheaper one I recommend you to buy Mirage for the book and Luna for the crayons.  But the quality is not better as Sidu and Pantel.
Customer : How much do Luna and Mirage cost?
Receptionist : Luna’s price is 30.000 per box and Mirage’s price is 40.000 per box. So which one do you want to buy miss?
Customer :  Okay I want to buy three box of Pantel and Three box of Sidu.
Receptionist : For your order, you have to pay Rp 300.000 miss.
Customer : Okay this is the money sir.
Receptionist : Okay this all of your order. Thank you for shooping in my store miss.
Customer : Yes, You are welcome sir.

Conversation 2

Receptionist : Good morning sir, welcome to our swimming store. What the thing do you want to buy miss?
Customer : I need glasses, Shorts, and float. Do you have those, sir?
Receptionist : Of course miss. We have many of those things. There are so many products in our store, but I recommend you to buy Spalding product. The price is not too expensive but it has a very good quality.
Customer : Thank you for your recommendation. But I will buy Nike or Adidas. I have trusted with those brands. Do you have the stock?
Receptionist : Exactly miss.  Let me find first miss. You can sit for waiting.  Excuse me miss, I have found what you want to buy. But I didn’t find glasses for Adidas brand.  I also did not find the float for Nike brand.  So is it a problem if we have only shorts?
Customer : Okay no problem. I will buy the shorts with Adidas brand, and I will try for the first time to buy the float with Spalding brand. How about the price sir?
Receptionist : The price of Adidas’s shorts is Rp40.000. The price of Spalding’s float is Rp70.000. so the total of your order is Rp.160.000.
Customer : Okay miss this Rp.160.000 for you sir.
Receptionist : Thank you very much for Shopping in our store, miss.
Customer : You are welcome miss.

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