2 English Conversation Between 2 People In The Train and Station

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2 English Conversation Between 2 People In The Train and Station – Di bawah ini, terdapat dua contoh percakapan singkat antara dua orang di stasiun dan juga di dalam kereta.


Conversation 1

Man: Excuse me sir, My name is Roni. Where do you go miss? May I ask something?

Woman : Yes, my name is Rani sir. I want to go to Manggarai Station. What do you want to ask sir?

Man: I want ask, where is the station that I have to choose if I want to go to Margo City miss?

Woman: Oh if you want to go to Margo City you have to choose Depok Station. It will be five more stations from here. It will take 30 minutes more.

Man: Thank you miss, I have not known because this is my first experience go there by using train. And I forgot to ask to the operator, because I was in a hurry.

Woman: Yes you are welcome sir. Do you have some activities in Margo City sir?

Man: Yes miss. I have some education trainings over there. I will live there for three days. By the way where is the exactly place do you want to go miss?

Woman: I want to go to Sudirman Tower. I have a meetings over there. I will turn in Manggarai Station, after that I have to go there by bus way. I recommend you after you turn in Depok Station you have to go to Margo City by using Taxi, because the public transportation is not safe and comfort over there.

Man: Oh thank you very much for the advice miss.

Woman: You are welcome sir. I think I have arrived at the Manggarai Station. Be careful sir. See you next time.

Man: All right miss. See you next time. [sc:kodeadsense]

Conversation 2

Girl: Hey Rudi, how are you ? long time no see.

Boy: Hey Yanti. I am so fine. How about you?

Girl: I am fine too Rudy. Where do you go Rudy?

Boy: I want to go to Malang. I want to visit my family. How about you Yanti, where do you go?

Girl: I want to go to Kediri. I want to take an English Course in Pare. I think you usually go to Malang by Bus, but today you go there by Train.

Boy: I think today Train in Indonesia has a good service. Beside the ticket price is not expensive, the facility and the safety is very well.

Girl: Yes, since Jonan Nasution become the Indonesian Train Director. Train become one of the most favorite public transportation in Indonesia.

Boy: Yes I agree with you. because of a good leadership, today he become minister of Indonesian transportation.

Girl: Sure, many people can use the safe transportation. In the past, train is the most bad public transportation.

Boy: Yes, that is right. I hope not only the rain, but the other public transportation also will have a good service and safety.

Girl: I hope so Rudi. May I take a rest, I feel so tired.

Boy: Oh sure Yanti, I will wake you up if we have arrived at Malang. Have a nice rest Yanti.

Girl: Yes, thank you very much Rudi.

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