2 Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Perpustakaan

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Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Perpustakaan dan Artinya – Berikut ini, ada sebuah dialog percakapan berlokasi di perpustakaan lengkap dengan artinya.

Conversation  1

A : Good morning sir.
B : Hello, are you looking for a book in particular?
A : No, not really. I need a book about cats.
B : Do you want a fiction or nonfiction books?
A : Nonfiction please. I want a list of cat breeds.
B : Oh, alright one moment please.
A : Are you looking it up on the computer?
B : Yes we have all a full database of our collection on the computer.
A : That is pretty cool . Did you find anything?
B : I did in fact. Here I will write down the call number for you.
A : Thank you, sorry I don’t come to the library often. This might be hard to find.
B : It is fine, I will go get it for you.
A : Thanks . So how long may I have the book checked out?
B : You can have the book for three weeks.
A : How much are fines after that?
B : Every day you do not turn it after three weeks, you are charged 10 cents.
A : Oh okay. I will try to get it in then.
B : Do you have a library card?
A : I sure do. Here it is.
B : Awesome. Will that be the only book for you today?
A : Actually I think I will browse for a little bit.
B : Alright. Hope you enjoy your visit.
A : Thanks.


Conversation 2

A : Good afternoon sir.
B : Yes. What can I do for you?
A : I need some books about education psychology.
B : Ok I will check it first. Education psychology books that are available are slavin and vigotsky books. Which one do you want?
A : I need both. How many days can I borrow the books sir?
B : You can borrow the books for one week. If you return it more than one week, you will be charged Rp 500 per day.
A : Allright sir.
B : Is there another book do you want to borrow.
A : Yes I do sir. Mmmm I need some books about educational  method in elementary school.
B : Let me find.  Mmm I have found three books about educational method. But I only get one book for elementary school, the other book is for senior high school book.
A : No problem sir.
B : Ok. May I check your member card?
A : Sure. Here it is sir.
B : your card period is still active. But next week it will be expired. Do you want to activate now or next week?
A : I will activate now sir. Is there any payment for that?
B : don’t worry this is free. Payment is just for the new member who make a library card.  Here your new card and your books. Don’t forget to return it on time.
A : Ok sir thank you very much for the good service today.  see you.
B : You are welcome.

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