2 Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang yang Menggunakan Past Tense

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Berikut ini, terdapat 2 dialog percakapan bahasa Inggris 2 orang yang menggunakan past tense. Semoga bermanfaat.

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Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang (1)

Andi is Yunis’s classmate. He saw Yuni at Mall. But they didn’t meet each other.
Andi: Hello Yuni. How are you?
Yuni: Hi Andi. I am very well. How about you?
Andi: I’m fine thank you. Anyway, where did you go last night?
Yuni: I went to the mall with my parents. Did you see me?
Andi: I saw you last night but you look so hurry. Why were you so?
Yuni: Oh… I wanted to find something to drink; my sister was thirsty.
Andi: Oh I see. I also saw a little girl, maybe she was only 4 years. Is she your sister?
Yuni: Yes, she is my youngest sister.
Andi: She looked so beautiful. What did she wear? It looks like a party dress.
Yuni: That’s a princess Elsa’s gown.
Andi: Wow! Did you mean, Frozen?
Yuni: Exactly! It was given by her grand-aunt. By the way, I didn’t see you. What were you doing?
Andi: I just wanted to refresh my mind.
Yuni: With your family?
Andi: Yes. My family took me to the Mall, so we went to cinema.
Yuni: It must be a good movie. What did you watch?
Andi: We watched Cars II. My brother loves that movie so much. He had been waiting that movie for a long time. That’s amazing!
Yuni: Cool. I have watched the first story, but not for the second one. Oh, I am sorry, Andi, I’ve to go to canteen. I have no breakfast this morning.
Andi: Okay. No problem. Would you mind to buy me some candies?
Yuni: Okay. Why not!
Andi: Thanks. I am waiting for it.

Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang (2)

After a long vacation, Toni came back to school. He told his beautiful holiday to his best friend.
Toni: Hi… What’s up bro?
Mike: Hi Ton! I’m very good, thank you! By the way, where did you spend you holiday? Did you visit your grand parents at Bandung?
Toni: I visited them with my family. How about you? Did you go to Lampung?
Mike: The plan was cancelled. I didn’t go any where during the school holiday. What places did you visit?
Toni: We went to Puncak, Kawah Putih Ciwidey, Trans Studio Bandung, and Curug Dago.
Mike: Wow! It’s amazing! Which place did you think the most interesting?
Toni: Well, I think Trans Studio Bandung was very amazing!
Mike: Why? What did you watch there?
Toni: I saw the attraction of the foreign car. It’s performed by an Italian. But, I think Halilintar was the most terrible.
Mike: What did you feel when you ride it?
Toni: I felt very dizzy after riding it. You might look at my dizzying face.
Mike: Ha..ha… That’s why you are so annoying!
Toni: Come on! Let’s go to canteen. I will pay your bill.
Mike: Okay. Thank you very much.
Toni: Don’t mention it!
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