2 Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang di Rumah Sakit

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Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang di Rumah Sakit 1


Andi has been sick for 2 days.  He was playing football with his best friend in rainy day. He decided to go to Doctor. Ron is the nearest doctor there. dr. Ron told him to have a bed rest.
Andi: Excuse me!
dr. Ron: Come in please! Morning! What’s your problem?
Andi: Good morning doc! I have been sick for to 2 days.
dr. Ron: How do you feel?
Andi: I think I become weak. I feel so dizzy.
dr. Ron: Okay. Have you taken a medicine?
Andi: Yes, I have taken an aspirin.
dr. Ron: Did you sleep well last night?
Andi: Not really. It was very hot and my head was going to explode.
dr. Ron: Don’t worry. You are just tired because of your work. Let me check your blood pressure.
Andi: Sure. I played football the day before yesterday. My best friend picks me up, so I can’t repel him. It was rain, but we were still playing.
dr. Ron: That’s alright. Your blood pressure is okay. I will give you some medicines. Don’t go anywhere for some days. You would better to take a bed rest.
Andi: Thanks doc. How much does it cost?
dr. Ron: It’s only $5.
Andi: I am so sorry doc. I was in hurry. I forget to bring my money.
dr. Ron: That’s fine. You may come anytime.
Andi: You must be joking. Thank you very much doc. You are so hunky dory.
dr. Ron: Don’t mention it. That’s my entire job. Get well soon.
Andi: Sure

Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang di Rumah Sakit 2

Anny is Dom‘s girlfriend. Her boyfriend has been carried out for a week because of terrible accident where the arm was move out. Annyvisits every night. She loves Domvery much.
Anny: Hi, honey. How is your feeling?
Dom: I feel better. But, my head is still dizzy. How is your day?
Anny: My days are not good without you. Have you been checked?
Dom: Yeah, the doctor came 2 hours ago. He said that I had to stay here for some days more. Last night, I could hardly sleep too.
Anny: I am sorry to hear that. But I will always beside you dear. By the way, how’s your arm? Did the doctor put through it?
Dom: The doctor said that it would be back to strength over 3 days more. Now, it is still terribly painful every time I try to move it.
Anny: It’s better to take a rest.
Dom: Yeah, I know. I really feel bad having to stay in bed like this. It’s so tedious!
Anny: Keep spirit honey. We love you so much. Your mother has made your favorite soup.
Dom: Really?
Anny: Come on! You have to be fit faster. Ate up this soup! It’s still warm.
Dom: Sure. Thanks God. I’m a lucky man.
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