2 Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang di Kereta Api

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2 Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang di Kereta Api – Di bawah ini ada dua buah percakapan antara dua orang yang mengobrol di dalam kereta api. Semoga bermanfaat. 🙂

Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang di Kereta Api 1

Max is a boss at his own Company. However, he looks so different. He never uses his own transportation whereas he prefers to choose train as his daily transportation.

Umar: Hi boss! Good morning. How have you been?

Max: Morning. Oh… I’m good, thank you.

Umar: May I sit next to you?

Max: Yes please.

Umar: Don’t you remember me, sir?

Max: Yes, but I can’t remember your name.

Umar: It’s me Umar. I was your laborer.

Max: Oh ya, Umar.. I remember you. What do you do for a living now?

Umar: I work for myself, I mean, I have a small business. I opened a seafood restaurant a year ago.

Max: Cool! That’s a wonderful job; from a employee becomes a boss. 😀

Umar: Thank you very much.

Max: By the way, how is your family?

Umar: They are very good.

Max: What about Jack? Does he still study in High School?

Umar: Ya. I hope he will pass it next year. Oh, boss, would you mind to come to my home? I have a special dinner if you want to join.

Max: Sure. Just send me a message. You have my number, don’t you?

Umar: Absolutely.

Max: Ok, I have to leave now. See you later.

Umar: See you. [sc:kodeadsense]

Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang di Kereta Api 2

Dina and Robert is a wife and husband. They have a summer holiday in Japan. They love traveling so much.

Robert: What is your plan in this first day?

Dina: We have to try the fastest train ever!

Robert: Do you mean that it’s a Shinkansen?

Dina: Exactly!

Robert: Oh my God! I don’t think so! I am afraid that it surely delivers us to the heaven.

Dina: Come on, don’t be a coward. 😀

A few minutes later

Robert: Great. This train is so comfortable.

Dina: This is the best ever. Do you know how fast this train is?

Robert: No, I don’t. I only know that this was made in 1964.

Dina: That’s right. You need to know that the maximum speed is 320 km/h

Robert: Wow! It’s incredible! (shouting)

Hachi: Hi. Ohayou gozaimasu. I am Hachi. It seems that this is your first time to come in Japan. Where are you from?

Robert: Yes, you’re right. I’m Robert and she is my wife. We are from Indonesia.

Hachi: Welcome to Japan! It’s nice to meet you.

Robert: Nice to meet you too.

Hachi: Is this your first time you ride the Shinkansen?

Robert: Yes and I am so afraid. Oh ya, by the way, why do Japanese people do not feel afraid to sit inside this train?

Hachi: It is very convenient, economical, and fast. This is the best transportation in Japan and there has no serious accident until you are here. 🙂

Robert: Thank you. Your information is very useful, because I am so afraid to ride this train. In my country, this train must be very dangerous.

Hachi: Therefore many countries want to learn how to make this train. I must leave now. Hope you had a nice holiday here.

Robert and Dina: Thank you..

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