2 Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Memberikan Kritikan dan Pujian

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2 Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Memberikan Kritikan dan Pujian – Di bawah ini, terdapat dua contoh percakapan Bahasa Inggris yang bisa Anda jadikan sebagai referensi. Semoga bermanfaat.

Table of Contents

Conversation 1

Riski comes to Dani who was sitting at his desk

Riski: You look like being confused. Actually, what’s wrong with you?

Dani: Hi Rizky, I have Bahasa Indonesia’s task, but I’m having a bit of trouble.

Riski: Ohh, you’re difficult to finish this? May I help you?

Dani: Really? Well then, this is my duty and this is my duty, and this is my answer.

Riski: Hmmm, I understand your problem. It seems that you are misperception, the topic sentence is different from the main sentence. The main sentence is a sentence that contains the main idea, while the main idea is implied in the topic being discussed in the text.

Dani: Wow you are so clever! No wonder if you always get a good score in the exam.

Riski: It’s not because I’m smart, it is because you never study. You should learn what the teacher teach you.

Dani: I see, okay, would you mind to help me doing this task?

Riski: Of course. Let’s do it together.

Conversation 2

Shanti and her friends were chatting in front of the class

Shanti: Good morning friends.

Budiman: Good morning Shanti, wow, you look beautiful today!

Frances: Yes. Today you look different than usual.

Shanti: Thank you, you also look different today.

Budiman: Hmmm, what about Math homework that given yesterday? Have you done?

Shanti: Of course, I have already done two days ago.

Frances: Shanti and I was studious students, we did not want to leave our tasks undone.

Shanti: It’s because the more we delay, then all tasks will be more and of course, will be abandoned. What about your job?

Budiman: I have not had time to do it.

Shanti: Well you should be more diligent Bud. Change your attitudes, because if you’re lazy, you would be hard to achieve your dreams.

Frances: Yes, Shanti, that’s true. You should have to prioritize your school tasks rather than your playing time.

Budiman: Thank you friends because you have reminded me. You are a very good friend and always care about me.

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