2 Contoh Paragraf Definisi dalam Bahasa Inggris

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2 Contoh Paragraf Definisi dalam Bahasa Inggris – Di bawah ini, terdapat dua buah contoh paragraf definisi yang menjelaskan tentang definisi ekonomi dan definisi fotosintesis. Semoga bisa bermanfaat bagi Anda.

Table of Contents

Example 1

Economics is derived from two Greek words oikos, which means household and nomos which means the rules or the law. So the economy is the rules in the household, but an outline of a scientific understanding of economics is the study of human activity in the sphere of economic activity related to the production, distribution, and consumption. This science has 3 economic processes that have been mentioned above, in the case of production, the economy discusses about how the goods are made, include a discussion about raw materials, processing methods, costs, and the maker. Meanwhile, in terms of distribution activities, economic study about how the goods or the services are met by consumers, such as marketing, supply, and sales. Then in the case of consumption, economics discuss about how goods or services in the consumer area. So it can be concluded that economics is a branch of science which deals with human activities in purchasing, distribution, and consumption of goods or services.


Example 2

Photosynthesis consists of the word photo means light and synthesis means merging. Literally, photosynthesis is a chemical process that occurs in plants to form a food substance with the help of solar energy. This process occurs in the leaves that have chlorophyll substance, the green substance that serves as a binder or a catcher sunlight. Broadly speaking, this process form the nutrients from the water, and carbon dioxide which are broken down by sunlight and produce energy in the form of glucose and oxygen. Glucose is used as the food by the plant will be transported by the phloem vessels to all parts of the plant. Meanwhile, combustion residual oxygen is a substance that is released back into the air through stomata; those are the pores on the leaves where functioned as the entrance and exit of the air.

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