2 Contoh English Conversation Between 2 People On The Street

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2 Contoh English Conversation Between 2 People On The Street – Berikut, terdapat dua contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris antara dua orang yang membicarakan mengenai arah jalan. Semoga bermanfaat.

Table of Contents

Conversation 1

A: Excuse me sir, my name is Sari.Could you help me please sir?I want to go to SMAN 10 Bandar Lampung.How can I go there sir?
B: Yes my pleasure. My name is Johan mam. May I know the address first mam?
A: That is located at Jl. Jendral Gatot Subroto, no 10 Pahoman Bandar Lampung sir.
B: Okay. From here you can walk for 5 minutes to the bus station. You can go there by Sukarame Bus. The bus will drive you to go to Tanjung Karang Bus station.After that You can continue your tripby Pahoman Bus. You can say to the driver that you want to go to SMAN 10 Bandar Lampung, and he will drive you to go there.
A: I am sorry sir. But, the bus over here has different color. I still confuse to distinguish that.
B: Okay. I will inform you mam. The grey bus is Sukarame to Tanjung Karang station. The Green Bus is Tanjung Karang station to Pahoman station.
A: Okay thank you sir for the information.
B: You are welcome mam. By the way do you teach in SMAN 10 Bandar Lampung?
A: No sir. There will be a teaching training. One of the teachers in my school has to come to that training. Actually I am asked by the head master of my school to come to that program. How about you sir? Where is the place do you want to go?
B: I want to go to my house. I live in Pahoman. So, we will be going there by the same bus.
A: Yeah, how lucky I am today.Thank you for the information sir.I think the bus has come. Let’s go sir.
B: Okay mam. You are welcome.


Conversation 2

A:Good morning Sir. My name is Fany. I want to go to Chandra Department store. But I haven’t known how I can go there. Could you help me to inform that miss?
B: Oh sure sir. You can go there by ojek, but if you just want to walk you just need ten minutes to go there by walking.
A: I think I choose go there by walking. How can I go there sir?
B: Okay, from here you can go forward to that T junction. From the t junction you turn left and you go forward again until you meet Fruit market in your left. Then you can turn right  and you can walk about 50 meters. Finally Chandra department store is in your right. If you still confuse you can ask to the people in the fruitmarket. They will inform you about that.
A: Okay miss Thank you very much for the information, and now I will be sure to go there alone. Good morning and see sir.
B: Ok be careful sir. You are welcome and good morning.

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