2 Contoh Conversation Bahasa Inggris Untuk Siswa SMA

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2 Contoh Conversation Bahasa Inggris Untuk Siswa SMA – Tugas untuk membuat percakapan bahasa Inggris memang terkadang terasa menyulitkan. Namun, Anda bisa menggunakan situasi sehari-hari untuk merubahnya menjadi suatu dialog yang utuh. Seperti pada contoh berikut ini.

Conversation 1

Rahmet : Hello Yoyo, how are you today?
Yoyo : I am not good Rahmet.
Rahmet : What is wrong with you? Is there any problem?
Yoyo : That is right Rahmet. I cannot finish the English assignment. Basically I do not like English at all, I always to try learning English every day, but in reality, my English is still bad. I cannot improve that.
Rahmet : Oh my god Yoyo. I am sorry to hear that. What kind of material that you hard to understand?
Yoyo : Almost all of the material. Many people said we have to master tenses first before we want to master English. Is there any solution for me Rahmet?
Rahmet : Some of people say that as the indicator. But there are so many indicators how we can master English like Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Reading. I think if you want to improve your English we can make such kind of learning group.  Some of our friends have a very good ability in English. We can start it after the class. What do you think about that?
Yoyo  : That is a very good idea. Okay, can we start it today Rahmet?
Rahmet  : Oh sure Yoyo. We will start it today.
Yoyo  : Thank you very much for your help Rahmet. I am so grateful having friend like you.
Rahmet  : You are welcome Yoyo. It is my pleasure of helping my best friend.
Conversation 2

Teacher  : Is Suci Lestari in this class?
Suci  : Yes I am Suci miss. What can I do for you miss?
Teacher : Could you come here? there is something I want to tell you.
Suci : Sure miss.
Teacher : Suci, I have to accompany my son to join English competition in SMA 2 Bandar Lampung.  So, today I cannot teach you. Meanwhile we have to finish our material this week, because next week we will join the exam. I believe that you have a capability to teach your friend today.
Suci : I will help you for that miss. But I think it is better if there another English teacher who can teach us today, because I am worried that all of my friends in this class do not agree with this.
Teacher : The problem is all English teachers have teaching time in their each class. So no one can teach this class. Don’t worry about that Suci. I will convince that your friend will agree with this Decision.
Suci  : Okay I am ready for that miss. So which material that I have to deliver today?
Teacher : You have to give them Explanation about Tenses and then after that you can give them practice about the material. Any question Suci?
Suci  : Yes miss. How about description text, some of our friends want that material will be explained again. May I teach them about that material?
Teacher : Oh sure, but remember your time is only 3 hours. So you have to use it effectively. I think I have to go now Suci. Good luck for your responsibility. See you tomorrow.
Suci : Okay thank you very much miss. I will be professional for that.

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