100 Contoh Kalimat Tanya dalam Bahasa Inggris (WH Questions)

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100 Contoh Kalimat Tanya dalam Bahasa Inggris (WH Questions) – Bagaimana cara membuat kalimat tanya menggunakan awalan wh questions? Anda bisa lihat berbagai contohnya berikut ini.

Table of Contents


1.    What is your name?
2.    What is your hobby?
3.    What is the title of the book?
4.    What is your favorite musician?
5.    What are their job?
6.    What are their need?
7.    What is your problem?
8.    What is your bad habit?
9.    What are you doing here?
10.    What are they eating?
11.    What are they talking about?
12.    What do you know about me?
13.    What does your mother cook everyday?
14.    What does your bestfriend give at your birthday?
15.    What time do you go to school?
16.    What do you eat for breakfast?
17.    What will you do in the next holiday?
18.    What makes you sad?
19.    What wakes you up?
20.    What brings you here?


1.    Where is your home?
2.    Where is my book?
3.    Where are their habitat?
4.    Where are our bags?
5.    Where are they playing?
6.    Where do you live?
7.    Where do you go to school?
8.    Where do you find our bags?
9.    Where do they put my ring?
10.    Where does she work?
11.    Where does he hide his treasure?
12.    Where will you go for vacation?
13.    Where will you live after your wedding?
14.    Where will my mother go?
15.    Where should we study?
16.    Where should I buy a gift for my grandmother?
17.    Where does the accident take place?
18.    Where is your homework book?
19.    Where are you your friends?
20.    Where have you been?


1.    When is your birthday?
2.    When is your wedding party?
3.    When do you meet your family?
4.    When does your brother go to Singapore?
5.    When did the accident happen?
6.    When did your parents visit you?
7.    When did he come?
8.    When did you arrive?
9.    When are you going to play football with us?
10.    When will your boyfriend visit you?


1.    Who is your boss?
2.    Who are they?
3.    Who is your teacher?
4.    Who is recording the music?
5.    Who do you want to accompany you?
6.    Who do you think to replace his position?
7.    Who comes early?
8.    Who moves this box?
9.    Who takes my pen?
10.    Who have done it for you?


1.    Whom do you watch the movie with?
2.    Whom does she meet everymorning?
3.    Whom did you give the sweater?
4.    Whom have you painted?
5.    Whom do you understand most in this classroom?


1.    Whose cat is it?
2.    Whose home do you live now?
3.    Whose book do you read?
4.    Whose car did you borrow?
5.    Whose bicycle has been lost?


1.    Why is she happy?
2.    Why are you so sad?
3.    Why do you always come late?
4.    Why did you not come yesterday?
5.    Why do you forget my birthday?
6.    Why is this earth round?
7.    Why does she leave you in the station?
8.    Why do you hit him?
9.    Why is it broken?
10.    Why do you not call me?


1.    How is your life?
2.    How are you doing?
3.    How is your career?
4.    How is your husband condition?
5.    How do you know about his arrival?
6.    How do you take my ring from that small hole?
7.    How do you meet her?
8.    How do we reunite them?
9.    How does your brother get the highest score at school?
10.    How does she put my bag into my room?
11.    How do you go to school?
12.    How does he cook the meat and vegetables?
13.    How does she wake you up?
14.    How does he find my keys?
15.    How do they play football with only 3 people?
16.    How do you use the ink to paint?
17.    How will they go that island?
18.    How can her 2-year-old daughter swim?
19.    How can you dive until so deep?
20.    How can you sleep so long?

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